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Literary Agent Articles A-Z – How to Find and Get a Literary Agent

Literary Agent Articles - A-ZLiterary Agent Articles A-Z – Use our article library below to query book agents seeking clients. You’ll also find information about how to find new literary agents, established book agents, top literary agents, christian literary agentsblack literary agents, and more. Our literary agent database includes all agents representing all genres: fiction literary agents, nonfiction literary agents, literary agents for children’s books, etc.

Use our Directory of Literary Agents and the articles below to learn more about all US literary agents. You’ll also discover how to get the best literary agencies requesting your work, and you’ll discover how to get the best literary agent offering you representation.

Literary Agent Articles A-Z

Author Platform
Author Platform – Pt 1
Author Platform – Pt 2
Social Media for Authors
SEO for Authors

Author Success Stories
Carol Plum-Ucci Success Story Interview – Body of Christopher Creed
Scott LeRette Interview – Author of The Unbreakable Boy
Brad Harper Success Story Interview – Author of A Knife in the Fog
Crystal Duffy Success Story Interview – Author of Twin to Twin
Erika Armstrong Success Story Interview – A Chick in the Cockpit
Jane Jago Success Story Interview – Author of The Wrong Hand
Jeri-Anne Agee Interview – The Life and Times of Birdie Mae Hayes
Karen Sargent Success Story Interview – Author of Waiting for Butterflies
Rebecca Besser Success Story Interview – Author of Nurse Blood
Lakshmi Subramani Interview – Author of Lights Out (Random House)
Laura Moe Success Story Interview – Author of Breakfast with Neruda
Melissa Burch Success Story Interview – Author of My Journey Through War and Peace
Michael Sanicola Success Story Interview – Author of The Pot Preacher
Peter Darley – Author Interview with Literary Agent Undercover
Miri Leshem-Pelly Success Story Interview – Scribble and Author

Best Way to Publish
Literary Agents Pros and Cons
Self-Publish a Book
Should I Self-Publish My Book?
The Best Publishing Companies for Smart Authors

Book Editing Q&A
Book Editors FAQ
How Important Are Typos and Grammar?

Book Genres
Book Genres – Which Ones Are Best?
Commercial, Mainstream, General, or Literary Fiction?

Guest Posts
Entitlement in Writer Culture
“Chipping Out” your Book
Oh, I Swear!

How Agents Think & Work
Literary Agent Job Description
Best Time to Submit to Literary Agents?
Literary Agent Referrals
How Can a Literary Agent Reject a Book After the First Five Pages?
5 “Stupid” Things That Literary Agents Say and Do
Literary Lawyer vs Literary Attorney vs Literary Agent
The Best Query Letter Hook
Processing Fees, Reading Fees, and Other Paid Services
How Literary Agents Work – Personal Taste vs. Profitability
Inside a Literary Agency by Elizabeth Lyon
Interactive Q&A Chat Session – How to Become a Bestselling Author
Working with More than One Agent
Create Your Agent List
Query Response Rates
How to Choose a Literary Agent
How to Fire Your Literary Agent
How to Leave Your Literary Agent
Literary Agent Agreement
Questions to Ask a Literary Agent
Sample Literary Agent Contract
Literary Agency Contract – Would You Sign This?
What Happens AFTER You Get a Literary Agent?

How to Create An Author Website
Author Website Design to Get Literary Agents
Author Website to Get Literary Agents
Best Author Websites to Get Literary Agents

Suspension of Disbelief
Your Book Isn’t Dead
Do Positive Thinking Authors Really Have an Advantage?
“Fantasy” Writing for Literary Agents
Lazy-A*s Authors Don’t Get Literary Agents
Sensitive Author Syndrome…and the Cure
How to Stop Writer’s Block
The 41 Best Writer’s Block Quotes
Three Feet from a Literary Agent 
Not Writing – Author Excuses
How Many Queries Should You Send Out Before You Quit?
Nine Mental Traps to Avoid for Writers and Mental Illness
Why Writers Write

Six Figure Book Deal – Why This (Former) Agent Walked Away
14 of the Best Electronic Gifts for Writers
Tax Deductions for Writers
Why I Love Writers 
Book Contests
How to Become a Literary Agent
6 Important Updates Every Author Needs to Know About
Author Armageddon – “Disaster” in Sedona, AZ
Author U Extravaganza Annual Event
Author You – New Book by Judith Briles
Authors Behaving Badly – Literary Agents, Publishers, Media, Fans
Be An Entrepreneur Author to Get a Literary Agent
Blogs By Popular Book Agents
Book or Brand for Literary Agents?
Book Writers Forum
Drink Lemonade, Get Published
Fifty Shades of… Green?
Getting a Book Published – The #1 Thing You Need to Know
Guidelines for Book Agents
Happy Holiday Weekend!!!
How FAST Are You?
How to Be a Famous Author – Literary Agent Undercover
How to Become a Bestselling Author – For Any Book Genre
How to Find the Perfect Home for Your Book
How to Get a Book Published – Literary Agents
How to Get a Literary Agent – 3 Things Every Author Needs to Know
Interview with Former Literary Agent Mark Malatesta
It’s a Book by Lane Smith
It’s Not What You Say…
Literary Agent Biographies
Finding the RIGHT Literary Agent
Literary Agents and Edit Ink – The Skeleton In My Closet
Literary Agents Interview – Mile Hi Radio
Literary Agents Q&A Chat Sessions
Literary Agents Roundtable – The Hollywood Reporter
Literary Agents Q&A for Children’s Book Authors and Illustrators
Make Money As An Author
Nicholas Sparks Debate – Is He a Hack… or Hot Stuff?
Nicholas Sparks’ Literary Agent – Directory of Book Agents
Preemie Publishing – Literary Agents
Publish Your Book Before It’s Too Late – Literary Agents
Selling Your Book to Literary Agents
Sometimes “Bestseller” Is a Bad Word
The “Author Activist”
The Agency Group – Literary Agents Directory
The Best Way to Submit Query Letters to Literary Agents
The Most Important Decision You’ll Ever Make As An Author
The Most Successful Literary Agents – Famous Literary Agents
The Nemesis You Never Knew About|
Too Good to Be True? – An Important Message for Aspiring Authors
What’s Your Decision?
Would (Should) You Say This to A Literary Agent?
Write a Book for Your Business
Writing a Book and Query to Get the Best Literary Agents
Writing Blind for Literary Agents – Don’t Do It
Writing Contest Sponsored by Literary Agent Undercover
Yes or No… What Do You Think?
You Can’t Say That!
Your Wake-Up Call

Movies & TV
Good News for Authors about the Publishing Industry–and Movie Industry
Literary Agents for Writing with Cinematic Appeal

Prejudice & Diversity
Are Literary Agents and Publishers Prejudiced?
Literary Agents Looking for Diversity
Young Authors Warning About Submitting to Literary Agents
Old Authors Beware When Submitting to Literary Agents

Previously Published (Including Self-published) Authors

Protect your Writing
How to Copyright a Book – Book Copyright FAQ for Authors
Nondisclosure Agreements or NDAs for Literary Agents
How to Backup Your Writing, Blog, and Social Media
Protect your Ideas from Other Authors

Rejection Letters
How to Overcome, Interpret, and Avoid Literary Agent Rejections
Why You Should (Sometimes) Ignore Literary Agent Rejection Letters and Criticism

Are Literary Agents Obsolete?
Are You Looking for “Signs” to Help You Reach Your Goals?
Are eBooks Changing Publishing?
How is the Economy Changing Publishing?
Publishing Industry Statistics – Literary Agent Blog

Who Represents…
JK Rowling’s Literary Agent 
John Grisham’s Literary Agent
Stephen King’s Literary Agent 
Stephenie Meyer’s Literary Agent
For Dummies’ Literary Agent
Oprah Winfrey’s Literary Agent
Carl Hiassen’s Literary Agent

Writers’ Conferences
Writers’ Conference – Pt 1
Writers’ Conferences Pt 02

Writing Tips
How to Write a Bestseller 
Understanding High-Concept
Raise the Stakes
It’s Not Your Book
Considerations for Naming Your Book

International Literary Agents
Literary Agents Cleveland
Literary Agents Indianapolis
Literary Agents Las Vegas
Literary Agents Miami
Literary Agents Pittsburgh

Humor Literary Agents
Literary Fiction Agents
Memoir Literary Agents
New Age Literary Agents
New Literary Agents Looking for Clients
Paranormal Literary Agents
Romance Literary Agents
Short Story Literary Agents
Sports Literary Agents
Thriller Literary Agents
Young Literary Agents
Cookbook Literary Agents
Gay Literary Agents
Graphic Novel Literary Agents
Horror Literary Agents
Literary Agents Crime Fiction

Ingrid Elfver

Guide to Literary Agents
Book Marketing Ideas and Advice from a Former Book Agent
Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents

Book Marketing Ideas
Book Marketing Services
Literary Agents Looking for Authors
Literary Agents in the Early 20th Century

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