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There are lots of ways you can have more impact as an author–but I can’t think of a faster and easier one than having a website that gets a lot of visitors. In fact, having a good website can help you get a book deal with a traditional publisher like Random House… if that’s something you want.

By the way, click here now if you haven’t already seen my 3-part article series about how to create The Best Author Website (think of it as a “prequel” to this article).


If you have a good
website you can:

* Sell more books and make more money

* Reach more people (and help more
people, if you have that kind of book)

* Have more time to do what
you want to do (like write)

* Delegate everything else

* Take care of your loved ones

* Live life on your terms

This article will show you
how to do that.

Why am I sharing
it with you?


Learning how to market myself
online has transformed
my life.

And my
family’s life.

I’m still in awe.

For example, my author coaching business didn’t even exist 4 years ago. Now I have more than 30,000 visitors to my website every month. I’m helping more authors than ever. And my wife and I just moved to Beverly Hills.

We also now have people helping us:

* Run and manage our businesses

* Clean our house, yard, cars

* Do our grocery shopping

* And more

That means we can focus on what we do best, and delegate the rest
(grocery shopping is not one of my greatest gifts).


We owe all of this to our Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
and Online Business Strategy Coach, Dagmar Gatell.

Okay, not all our success.

But a lot of it.

Discovering how to get more people finding us online
is one of the best things we’ve ever invested in.

In fact (based on my numbers) there’s a 95% chance
you found me online doing an Internet search.

That’s why I asked Dagmar to do an interview with me,
so she could share strategies you can use to
improve your platform and ranking.

Who knows?

Maybe you’ll end up being
Dagmar’s next success story.

But first, I should
tell you who Dagmar is…

* * *

Photo of Dagmar GatellDAGMAR GATELL is an online marketing expert who helps authors and entrepreneurs rank #1 online and convert their traffic… into paying customers and clients—so they can dominate their niche and make a bigger difference in the world.

Dagmar is recognized in the industry as the expert’s expert due to her rare certification as a SEO Master, her extensive background as a SEO consultant in the corporate sector, and her unique approach to SEO business strategy.

Dagmar says you should never use a cookie-cutter approach to marketing yourself online. Instead, you should use strategies individualized to fit your unique learning style, personality, and goals. When you do that, marketing yourself online can be easy, fast, and fun.

You can learn more about Dagmar at

Press the play button below now to listen or click here to download the file (left-click or right-click the link, then select “Save Link As”).

Click here if you want to schedule an introductory coaching call with Dagmar. 

* * *

This Recording Is for You…

* If you have a website at ANY stage of development (anything from a brand new website idea to a website that’s already doing extremely well, but you want to make it do better).

* If you’ve been disappointed in the past by other online business trainings, programs, coaches, consultants, or service providers… and you haven’t gotten the results you want.

* No matter where you live—the online marketing strategies Dagmar’s going to share with you will work anywhere in the world.

Just make sure you have something to take notes with and listen to the entire interview. Dagmar is going to give you a lot of valuable information but she’s also going to share a special, time-sensitive offer with you at the end of the interview.



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