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US Literary Agents – Introduction

Many authors are surprised to learn that there are publishing agents in 33 states, not just New York (where most book publishers are located). But book agents can work from anywhere, and your publishing agent doesn’t have to be located in that state where you live. So where are most other book agents located, beyond NYC? You’ll also find book agents in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.

Other popular cities with books agents include:
Atlanta Book Agents
Austin Literary Agents
Cleveland Literary Agents

Dallas Publishing Agents
Denver Book Agents
Houston Publishing Agents
Miami Book Agents
Minneapolis Book Agents
Nashville Publishing Agents
Indianapolis Literary Agents
Kansas City Literary Agents
North Carolina Publishing Agents
Ohio Book Agents
Oregon Book Agents
Philadelphia Publishing Agents

Portland Book Agents
San Diego Publishing Agents

Texas Book Agents
Las Vegas Literary Agents

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