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Literary Agents List – Most Searched Book Agents

Literary Agents List Literary Agents List – This article reveals the most searched book agents and literary agencies on the internet. Find out how you can submit your work to the publishing agents on this list, and get FREE access to the world’s best Directory of Literary Agents, created by former NY Times bestselling literary agent Mark Malatesta.

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Literary Agents List – Literary Agency Info

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Richard Abate – Literary Agents List

Who is Richard Abate? For starters, he’s one of those elite book agents who’s overseen a number of seven-figure book deals with a client list including Hollywood figures like James Franco, Tina Fey, Law & Order creator Dick Wolf, Mindy Kaling and Homeland producer Howard Gordon. Click here to learn more about Richard Abate Literary Agent.

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Don Fehr – Literary Agents List

Don Fehr is a book agent with Trident Media Group. Don has been in the publishing industry for more than 20 years in editorial and executive positions with book publishers such as Viking Penguin, Basic Books, Atheneum, Addison-Wesley, and Smithsonian Books/HarperCollins. Don has published over a dozen New York Times Bestsellers. Click here to learn more about Don Fehr Publishing Agent.

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Brandt & Hochman – Book Agents List

Who’s on our book agents list with Brandt & Hochman? They have an all-star roster of award-winning authors of both fiction and nonfiction, including Scott Turow and Michael Cunningham. Click here to learn more about the Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents.

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Eleanor Jackson – Literary Agents List

Eleanor Jackson has been a book agent since 2002. She is a graduate of Colby College and the Columbia Publishing course. Eleanor represents a wide range of authors writing fiction and non-fiction. She likes authors who take risks with their work and lives in Brooklyn, NY. Click here to learn more about Eleanor Jackson Publishing Agent.

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Alexandra Machinist – Literary Agents List

Alexandra Machinist is a publishing agent with ICM. Prior to joining ICM, Alexandra worked with literary agencies such as Janklow & Nesbit Associates and the Linda Chester Literary Agency. She represents several international and New York Times best-selling authors. Click here to learn more about Alexandra Machinist Publishing Agent.

Theresa Park – Publishing Agents List

Prior to joining Park Literary Group, Theresa Park was a publishing agent with Sanford J. Greenburger Associates. Before that she was an attorney. Theresa is a graduate of  Harvard Law School and U.C. Santa Cruz. Click here to learn more about Theresa Park Publishing Agent.

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Susan F. Schulman – Literary Agents List

Who is Susan F. Schulman and why is she on our literary agents list? Before becoming an agent, Susan served as Associate Publisher of Ohio University Press and acquired over 100 titles for the Press. Susan also has a Certificate in Intellectual Property Law from New York University. Click here to learn more about Susan F. Schulman Book Agent.

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Lynn Seligman – Literary Agents List

Who is Lynn Seligman? Lynn has a B.A. from Goucher College and a M.A. in French Literature from Columbia University. She is also near completion of a Ph.D. in French Literature from Columbia. Click here to learn more about Lynn Seligman Book Agent.

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Henry Thayer – Book Agents List

Henry Thayer represents both fiction and nonfiction authors. Henry is interested in a wide variety of subjects with a special interest in literary writing. Henry is looking for new voices that are engaging and he likes compelling narratives. Click here to learn more about Henry Thayer Book Agent.

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Amanda Binky Urban – Publishing Agents List

Who is Amanda Binky Urban and why is she on our literary agents list? Prior to joining International Creative Management (ICM), she was General Manager of New York Magazine and The Village Voice, and Editorial Manager of Esquire Magazine. Click here to learn more about Amanda Binky Urban Publishing Agent.

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Other Popular Book Agents – Literary Agents List

Alison Picard Literary Agent
Amy Boggs Literary Agent
Amber Canavan Literary Agent
Amy Williams Literary Agent
Andrea Somberg Literary Agent
Andrew Wylie Literary Agent
Angeline Dinh-Mutyala Literary Agent
Anne Hawkins Literary Agent
Ashley Kraas Literary Agent
Barbara S Kouts Literary Agent
Bill Clegg Literary Agent
Brenda Bowen Literary Agent
Daniel Lazar Literary Agent
David Mccormick Literary Agent
Diana Fox Literary Agent
Elizabeth Evans Literary Agent
Elyse Cheney Literary Agent
Eric Simonoff Literary Agent
Frances Collin Literary Agent
Gail Hochman Literary Agent
Ginger Clark Literary Agent
James Levine Literary Agent
Janet Reid Literary Agent
Jeff Kleinman Literary Agent
Jennifer Jackson Literary Agent
Jenny Bent Literary Agent
Jim McCarthy Literary Agent
Jodi Reamer Literary Agent
John Brockman Literary Agent
Jonathan Lyons Literary Agent
Josh Getzler Literary Agent
Judith Schell Literary Agent
Julie Barer Literary Agent
Katharine Sands Literary Agent
Katheryn Lindsey Literary Agent
Kathleen Anderson Literary Agent
Kristin Nelson Literary Agent
Laura Bradford Literary Agent
Laura Langlie Literary Agent
Laurie McLean Literary Agent
Leigh Feldman Literary Agent
Lucienne Diver Literary Agent
Lynn Nesbit Literary Agent
Mary Evans Literary Agent
Melanie Jackson Literary Agent
Michael Bourret Literary Agent
Michelle Brower Literary Agent
Morris Shamah Literary Agent
Nicole Aragi Literary Agent
Paige Wheeler Literary Agent
PJ Mark Literary Agent
Rachelle Gardner Literary Agent
Richard Bucky Rosenbaum Literary Agent
Richard Pine Literary Agent
Russell Galen Literary Agent
Sara Crowe Literary Agent
Sarah Burnes Literary Agent
Shana Cohen Literary Agent
Simon Lipskar Literary Agent
Stephany Evans Literary Agent
Stephen Barbara Literary Agent
Stephen Fraser Literary Agent
Susan Ann Protter Literary Agent
Susan Crawford Literary Agent
Susan Ginsburg Literary Agent
Suzanne Gluck Literary Agent
Suzie Townsend Literary Agent
Tina Bennett Literary Agent
Tracey Adams Literary Agent
Wendy Sherman Literary Agent
William Clark Literary Agent

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