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Carl Hiassen’s literary agent – who is it and how can you submit your book to Carl Hiassen’s literary agency for consideration?

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Who Is Carl Hiassen’s Literary Agent?

According to Hiassen, most young writers need luck and some good breaks… and he’s had both. In college he helped a friend write two novels that were published. Later, working at The Herald, Hiassen and a reporter named Bill Montalbano wrote five chapters and an outline for a thriller that was set in the midst of Miami’s “cocaine wars” of the late 70s. Another friend of Hiassen’s recommended an agent, who passed them off to her assistant, who then got them a book contract.

Carl Hiassen’s book agent for adult fiction has been the same person for twenty years. Bill and Hiassen wrote three mystery thrillers together before Carl wrote his first solo novel called Tourist Season, published in 1986. One of Hiaasen’s most well-known novels, Strip Tease, became a major motion-picture in 1996 starring Demi Moore, and directed by Andrew Bergman. Who is Carl Hiassen’s book agent? Scroll below to find out.

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Esther Newberg – Carl Hiassen’s literary agent for Adult Fiction

Carl Hiassen’s book agent for adult fiction is Esther Newberg with International Creative Management (ICM). Newberg is the senior vice president at ICM. In addition to being Carl Hiassen’s publishing agent, Esther has represented Patricia Cornwell (Trace), Thomas Friedman, Michael Beschloss, and Caroline Kennedy. The New York Post called her “one of the most powerful book agents in the literary world.”

Carl Hiassen’s literary agent for adult fiction represents:

FICTION: Commercial * Suspense * Thriller *

NONFICTION: Autobiography * Biography * Business * Celebrity * Cultural/Social Issues * Film/Entertainment * History * How-To * Memoir * Military/War * Money/Finance * Music * Narrative * Pop Culture *

Recent Deals for Carl Hiassen’s literary agent Esther Newberg

International Rights – Carl Hiassen’s book agent

Skinny Dip to Patrick Janson-Smith at Transworld for publication by Bantam, by Kate Jones at ICM, on behalf of Carl Hiassen’s book agent Esther Newberg.

Film rights – Carl Hiassen’s book agent

Basket Case to Fox 2000 and producer Laurence Mark, for six figures, with Michael Tolkin getting seven figures for the screenplay, by Carl Hiassen’s book agent Esther Newberg. Hiassen’s 1987 novel Double Whammy was recently optioned to the U.K.’s Seminal Films, and he’s developing a one-hour television series for Carsey-Werner-Mandabach, according to Variety.

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Deborah Rogers – Carl Hiassen’s literary agent for Children’s Books

Carl Hiassen’s publishing agent for children’s books is Deborah Rogers with Rogers, Coleridge & White. Deborah Rogers set up Deborah Rogers Ltd. in 1967, and shortly afterwards was joined by Pat White. Rogers, Coleridge, and White was founded twenty years later, when Gill Coleridge left Anthony Sheil Associates to join them in 1987. In 2002 the agency was joined by Peter Straus, previously editor-in-chief at Macmillan and Publisher of Picador.

Recent Deals for Carl Hiassen’s literary agent Deborah Rogers

International Rights – Carl Hiassen’s book agent

UK rights for Hoot to Sarah Davies at Macmillan Children’s Books, in a “substantial five-figure” deal, by Carl Hiassen’s book agent for children’s books, Deborah Rogers.

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