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What does you getting your book published have to do with me going on a 10-day cleanse and fast (no food)?


If you want to get your book published (or if you want to lose weight, detox your body, boost your immune system, etc.) read this article. Just be patient. This article isn’t long, but it will take a moment for you to see how it’s going to help you get published.

* * *

Lemonade, Anyone?

Over the last two weeks, Ingrid (my wife and business partner) and I completed a 10-day fast called the Master Cleanse or Lemonade Diet. I know it sounds insane to go without food for ten days, but don’t worry… this cleanse/diet is well known and it’s been around since 1940. It’s safe (although, of course, you should consult with your doctor before you try it). By the way, it isn’t mostly about losing weight (although I lost 15 pounds); it’s about getting any and all toxins out of your body that accumulate over time. It’s also about “resetting” your immune system and overall health. There are a few minor variations on the cleanse/diet, but here’s how it basically works…

Day 1-10: No food whatsoever. Instead, you drink a tall glass of salt water first thing in the morning (this flushes your system). Then you drink 6-12 glasses of a special, healthy lemonade each day. It’s a combination of spring water, fresh squeezed organic lemons, a couple tablespoons of organic maple syrup, and a bit of cayenne pepper. This unique cocktail is low-calorie, suppresses your appetite, gives you energy, and increases your metabolism. You also need to drink a cup of special herbal tea before you go to bed each night (laxative). And you can drink water.

Day 11: Again, no food. Instead, you get to drink fresh-squeezed orange juice all day. And you can drink water. So, technically, it’s 11 days without food!

Day 12: Orange juice for breakfast. Fruit or vegetable broth for lunch. Vegetable soup (with vegetables) for dinner.

Day 13 and beyond: Normal healthy eating.

Now, you’re probably wondering three things: 1) Why would you torture myself like that? 2) How did you manage to finish the fast without cheating or losing your mind? and 3) What in the world does this have to do with me getting my book published?

I’m glad you asked…

* * *

A Lesson In Motivation

If you want to get your book published, you probably need to change some bad habits first. I had to face up to that fact before I started the fast/cleanse. Since I have background in behavior modification, I started by making a motivation list. If you don’t have a powerful reason WHY you want to accomplish something, you probably won’t achieve it. Make that SEVERAL reasons. Do you have a list written down somewhere? Not hiding in a journal or drawer, but prominently displayed so you can’t forget it?

Here’s the list I came up with for my fast/cleanse:

  • I Want to Fit Into My Pants: I don’t think I’m vain, but I like looking good and feeling good. Who doesn’t? So, I wasn’t about to start buying 34” waist pants when I know I’m really a 32”. But that’s where things were headed. When I had to replace the button on my favorite pair of jeans, I literally “broke through” my denial. Spending a lot (most) of my time working on my laptop, reclining in a nice leather chair, is great for my business… not so good for my physique.
  • Recent Health Scares: The last few years, I’ve had a few bouts with some type of walking pneumonia (a couple times lasting 3-4 months). It seemed like my immune system was low or something. Now that I’m in my forties, I don’t want to take my health for granted. Life is good, so I’d like to stick around and enjoy it as long as possible.
  • I Want My Wife to Continue Viewing Me As a Sex Magnet: Ingrid says she’ll love me no matter what… but seriously. If I gross myself out because I’m not taking care of myself, how can I expect her to get excited when she sees me (especially since Ingrid takes care of herself)?
  • Self-Mastery: I don’t like feeling out of control, but that’s how I was feeling. I also knew there could only be two reasons for it: 1) Lack of education, and/or 2) Lack of discipline. Since Ingrid has given me 13 years of healthy eating education (me protesting all the way), I knew it wasn’t that. No, I was just being a slacker. Put it this way, I was so out of shape I pulled a pectoral (chest) muscle opening a window a few weeks ago. Pathetic. Time to go to the gym, flabby boy. You can’t just sit around all day reading books and writing query letters!
  • I Wanted to Write this Article: I know it’s twisted, but I also used YOU as motivation during my fast/cleanse. I figured if I actually completed the whole eleven days, it would make a great article. I thought it might inspire you to do what you need to do… to get your book completed and/or out to literary agents. Hey, if I could go without food for eleven days… surely you can cut a few things out of your life that are getting in the way of you getting published. Right?

* * *

What Do You Need to Cut Out?

Now we’ve arrived at the heart of the matter. I want you to do more than just read this article. I want you to take action so you can get the results you want. And it all starts with you figuring out what you need to cut out of your life so you can be more likely to get your book published.

For example:

  • Toxic beliefs, thoughts, attitudes
  • Toxic or distracting activities
  • Toxic or distracting people

Yes, you might be the next J.K. Rowling, John Grisham, or Stephanie Meyer. You might have that type of talent. But you probably won’t get published unless you remove the “toxins” from your life. Toxic thinking. Toxic and/or distracting activities. And, toxic and/or distracting people (that aren’t moving you closer to your goals).

Here are some examples of things I’m cutting out of my life,
to achieve my new health/fitness goals:

  • Unhealthy Food: Burger King. Taco Bell. Pizza Hut meat-lover’s pizza with chicken wings (that’s a good way to gain 5 pounds in five minutes). Then there’s the occasional big breakfast burrito run. Worst of all are the non-so-healthy snacks throughout the day while working in my office… or in the evening after dinner. By the way, I’m not just cutting these things out of my life. I’m replacing them with healthier alternatives that taste just as good. That makes any behavior change a LOT easier.
  • Thoughts About Unhealthy Food As a Reward: I used to think of junk food as a treat or reward (another formula for failure). Now that I’m getting more educated about food, it’s easier. I watched Food, Inc. last weekend and Forks Over Knives before that. Ingrid was amazed when she found out how little I knew about healthy eating. I told her that I didn’t want to know. Hey, I’m honest. Now I do want to know.
  • Inactivity: No more sitting on my butt all day. More walks. Time to start using that gym membership I paid for.
  • Lame Excuses: I’m just as busy as anyone. I run my own business and another business (coaching entrepreneurs) with my wife (I’ll tell you more about that another day). So it’s easy to justify not going to the gym. There’s always more work to be done for my clients or another proposal that needs to be written for a prospective client. But I won’t be able to do any of those things, if I’m not well.

So, what do YOU need to cut out of your life, to get your book published… or published faster? Please share below. I really do want to know. You’ll inspire everyone else who reads this blog. And, it will help you hold yourself accountable (I don’t think I would have made it through the whole fast/cleanse if I wasn’t doing it with Ingrid – having an accountability partner really helps). That’s the other reason I just wrote this article (to hold myself accountable).

Looking forward to your thoughts.

– Mark
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