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Literary Agent Blog – By a Former Literary Agency President

Literary Agent Blog - Author AdviceThis literary agent blog by former NY Times bestselling book agent Mark Malatesta reveals everything you want and need to know about literary agents, and everything you wouldn’t know to ask.

The categories on this literary agent blog are named and organized in a way that makes it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Scroll below to browse the latest posts on our publishing agent blog, or use the category links in the sidebar on the right!

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Literary Agent Blog – Welcome

This literary agent blog has information about literary agents, literary agencies, writing, getting published, and book marketing. You’ll even find a section on our book agent blog where you can submit your questions to a former book agent.

It’s called Ask a Literary Agent.

Many authors find this part of our literary agent blog as valuable as the articles. They appreciate the thoughtful answers to their questions, posted by former NY Times bestselling book agent–and AAR member–Mark Malatesta. But they also find themselves learning a great deal by reading other authors’ questions (and answers) on our literary agent blog.

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Recent Posts on Our Literary Agent Blog

A Lesson About Publishing—from My Cat

Sometimes wisdom comes from unexpected places. For example… A few weeks ago, one of my two Siamese cats (Fudge) taught me a lesson. It was completely unexpected, and that made the experience much more impactful. Now I’m sharing what happened, as I hope it will have a...

Literary Agents Q&A for Children’s Book Authors and Illustrators

A former literary agent answers questions for children's book authors - find out how to improve your chance of getting a top literary agent, publisher, and book deal. This new section of my website is for children’s book authors and illustrators who want to get the...

Literary Agents for Writing with Cinematic Appeal

This article about literary agents and managers for writing with cinematic appeal is part two of a series. It reveals how writers and authors can get their work picked up for stage, TV, or feature film. It also explores important differences between the publishing and...

Authors Behaving Badly – Literary Agents, Publishers, Media, Fans

I wrote this article about authors behaving badly to help you avoid becoming one. It’s about several writers whose unusual antics got them into hot (make that boiling) water with the publishing industry (including literary agents), the media, and their fans. Even if...

6 Important Updates Every Author Needs to Know About

Every author needs to read this post. It contains six important updates about our websites, other people’s websites, and your website (if you’re thinking about creating one, or already have one). Make sure you read all six (6) notifications below. At least TWO of...

FAQ – What Happens AFTER You Get a Literary Agent?

What happens after you get a literary agent? This question is important for two reasons: 1) If you don’t have an agent yet, this article will help you understand why it’s important to query The Best Literary Agents working at The Top Literary Agencies, and 2) If you...

Nine Mental Traps to Avoid for Writers and Mental Illness

This is the first time I’ve talked about writers and mental illness—or, writers and the various mental traps that can get in the way of publishing success and happiness. It doesn’t matter how smart or successful you are in other parts of your life. If your writing is...

Literary Lawyer vs Literary Attorney vs Literary Agent

What’s the difference between a literary lawyer, a literary attorney, or a literary agent who might be one of the Best Literary Agents working at one of the Top Literary Agencies? Should authors ever hire a literary attorney or literary lawyer? And, if so, what are...

Crystal Duffy Success Story Interview – Author of Twin to Twin

Crystal Duffy Success Story Interview with Mark Malatesta - During this insider interview on our literary agent blog, Crystal Duffy, author of the memoir Twin to Twin shares advice for authors of all genres about how to write, publish, and/or promote their books....

Three Feet from a Literary Agent – Don’t Quit Too Soon

The story in this post will inspire or depress you—maybe both. You decide. I’m sure you’ve heard the colloquialism, “It ain't over till the fat lady sings.” This popular expression is frequently used as encouragement to remain hopeful, even when it seems like there’s...

Book Editor Questions and Answers – Book Editors for Hire

This article about book editors for hire explains the various types of freelance book editors, what they do, and whether you should consider hiring one. The information in this article is based on my time as a literary agent helping authors get book deals with...

14 of the Best Electronic Gifts for Writers

I wrote this article about 14 of the best electronic gifts for writers in case: 1) you didn't get any presents during the holidays, 2) you didn't get the gift you wanted, 3) you didn't get enough gifts, or 4) you want to give another writer a gift (now, or later)....

Best Time to Submit to Literary Agents?

What's the best time to submit to literary agents? Are some days better than others? Is there a best time of year? And, is there a best time of day to submit queries? Before I answer those questions, I should probably explain the timing of this article (even though it...






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