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Fantasy writing is for fools… wait, let me explain. I’m literally the last person on the planet who’s going to limit you (or tell you what you can’t do).

The world has enough of those already.

But, many authors (dare I say most authors?) have “slightly” unrealistic expectations about what their first book is going to do for them. And, they have “slightly” unrealistic timelines about how quickly it’s going to happen.

Hey, I was one of them.


Even though it might be possible for you to write your book
in a weekend, get a literary agent the following Monday,
get a six-figure book deal from Random House two weeks
later, and end up on the NY Times bestseller list just
6 months after that…

The odds are, oh, I don’t know, something like 1 in 4,687,453
that it’s actually going to happen that way for you.

I call it “magical thinking” or…

* * *

Fantasy Writing

Now, you might say, “But it happened to so-and-so,
therefore it’s conceivable that it could happen to me.”

You’re right.

It is technically possible.

But much more important than that, is the fact that
it’s what you want to believe.

So believe it.

Just don’t bank on it.

fantasy writing money

* * *

Fantasy Writing Warning

Here’s my point…

Don’t stop doing the things that
you’re doing right now to make money.

Don’t fall into the trap of
fantasy writing.

Don’t use your writing as an escape or an excuse
to avoid your day job, neglect your clients,
or stop marketing your business.

Fantasy writing.

Don’t withdraw so far into your writing cocoon that you
shut out the rest of the world… surrounding yourself
with silky visions of NY Times bestseller-dom.

Fantasy writing.

fantasy writing cocoon

Yes, it is possible to get lucky…

You might, indeed, be the ideal candidate
who’s about to be blessed with the perfect scenario.

Your fantasy writing might actually transform itself
into a magical fantasy reality, in 30 days or less.

I just don’t recommend that you stake your financial
and/or emotional well-being on it.

After all… writing is no different than getting healthy,
getting rich, growing spiritually, or getting high
search engine rankings on Google.

It takes time.

fantasy writing literary agent

* * *

Fantasy Writing Reality

So, if you’re like me and you don’t like the idea
of gambling with the things that matter
most to you, like your writing…

Keep dreaming. Keep believing. And keep writing.

Just make sure you pace yourself,

– Mark
* * *

Mark Malatesta
Your “Undercover” Agent

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