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Best Literary Agencies – The 50 Best Book Agencies

Best Literary Agencies Best literary agencies – view the Top 50 Book Agencies Power Ranking below and find out how to submit your book for representation to top literary agents.

If you submit your book to a mediocre literary agency, you can’t expect anything more than mediocre results. So scroll below now to find out who the major players are. Then get your query letter ready so you can get one of them to represent you.

This article is part of a 7-part series to help you find The Best Literary Agent for You.

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Best Literary Agencies – Introduction

Selecting the best literary agencies and ranking them isn’t easy, it’s time-consuming, and it’s bound to create controversy. So let me take a moment to explain how we did it.

Our list (below) of the 50 Best Literary Agencies is based on:

  • Total Number of Book Deals:  Instead of using the total number of book deals that a literary agent has done all-time, we decided to base our ranking on the number of deals done in the last five years. That way newer agents have a chance to make the list of best literary agencies. Plus we wanted to make sure that well-established agencies that used to be movers and shakers, but are now in decline, did not make the list of best literary agencies.
  • Number of Big Deals: We used the same criteria here (mentioned above), only counting six-figure deals or greater that literary agencies closed during the last five years.
  • Google Search Results: One of the best ways to measure relevance is Google. For example, Trident Media Group (#1 on our list of Best Literary Agents) has 126,000 search results in Google. Spectrum Literary Agency (#49 on our list) has 4,640.
  • Social Influence: Another factor that influenced our rankings was the number of followers and fans that literary agencies have on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Reputation: Finally, we factored in the reputation of every literary agency on our list of Best Literary Agencies.

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Best Literary Agencies

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50 Best Literary Agencies

Scroll below for best literary agencies contact information

  1. Trident Media Group
  2. Writers House
  3. ICM
  4. Dystel & Goderich Literary Management
  5. Levine Greenberg Literary Agency
  6. Inkwell Management
  7. The Knight Agency
  8. Sterling Lord Literistic
  9. Andrea Brown Literary Agency
  10. MacGregor Literary
  11. William Morris Agency
  12. Janklow & Nesbit
  13. Curtis Brown
  14. Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
  15. Donald Maass Literary Agency
  16. Waxman Literary Agency
  17. William Morris Endeavor
  18. Hartline Literary Agency
  19. Harvey Klinger
  20. Folio Literary Management
  21. Curtis Brown UK
  22. Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
  23. David Black Literary Agency
  24. Kneerim & Williams
  25. Natasha Kern Literary Agency
  26. Transatlantic Literary Agency
  27. Foundry Literary + Media
  28. Steve Laube Agency
  29. Conville & Walsh
  30. The Wylie Agency
  31. Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
  32. Westwood Creative Artists
  33. WordServe Literary Group
  34. The Literary Group
  35. BookEnds
  36. The Gernert Company
  37. Brown Literary Agency
  38. Zachary Shuster Harmsworth Literary Agency
  39. Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency
  40. DeFiore and Company
  41. Alive Communications
  42. Lippincott Massie McQuilkin
  43. FinePrint Literary Management
  44. Joelle Delbourgo Associates
  45. Kuhn Projects
  46. Vigliano Associates
  47. McIntosh & Otis
  48. Dunow, Carlson & Lerner
  49. Spectrum Literary Agency
  50. Literary Services

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