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It might surprise you to hear this (and you won’t like it), but some literary agents, book editors, and other publishing professionals don’t like writers. It’s true.

You see… most agents, editors, and other publishing professionals love books. But they don’t love writers. You see, writers are sometimes (dare I say, often?) seen as a quirky annoyance or distraction that they don’t particularly enjoy or understand.

Like flies or mosquitoes…

When I figured that out, I experienced a lot of emotions:

1) I was offended; after all, I wasn’t just an agent… but a writer.

2) I was shocked; I couldn’t fathom how anyone could represent (or work with) a group of people they didn’t genuinely enjoy (or, understand).

3) I was ashamed; as an agent, I was apparently part of a profession that had a dark side.

4) I was confused, because writers (to me, anyway) are some of the most interesting people on the planet.

Then I had an epiphany…

The fact that many agents don’t like (or understand) writers was going to work in my favor, because…

* * *

I Love Writers

(Disclaimer: Although I love writers, it’d probably be more accurate to say that I love most writers. After all, writers are people and not all people are pleasant. But, for the most part, writers are more attractive to me than most other segments of society… like engineers or astronauts.)


Let me count the ways…

Let me count the ways I love writers

First of all, I love writers because they’re interesting. Yes, writers are often quirky (but in a good way). I love writers because they’re creative and complex (in other words, writers aren’t boring). They nurture their imaginations and dream big dreams. I love writers because they’re always expanding themselves: filling their minds with new information and ideas, exploring human nature (including their own), and trying to grow.

I love writers because they’re attracted to new people, places, and experiences… because they want to live a full life. They want to see everything there is to see and understand everything there is to understand. I love writers because they’re obsessed with uncovering, interpreting, and speaking the truth. Writers are sensitive souls, idealists, and often romantics.  They want to touch the world, make a difference, and leave a legacy.

I love writers because they’re compassionate and slow to judge (good at putting themselves in other people’s shoes). And they’re humble because they know… how little they know. I love writers because they’re wise (see things that no one else can see), and they’re brave (saying things that no one else will say). I love writers because they’re powerful “wizards” that take the invisible (heart, soul, and mind) and give it physical form through words and story.

I love writers because they give us a voice, hope, and courage… the inspiration we need to find and fulfill ourselves. They give us the strength we need to do hard things (the right things), especially when we’re afraid. I love writers because they’re rebels and renegades, frequently taking risks (sometimes for the sake of pure principle).

I love writers... at parties

I also love writers because they’re fun at parties (although they might be shy at first, they can often be clever and witty once they get “warmed up”).

* * *

The #1 Reason I Love Writers…

is their courage and persistence (their willingness to write… and write… and write… often in solitude… without recognition… without any promise of publication, wealth, or fame… for years… sometimes decades… sometimes a lifetime).

The amount of time it takes to become a writer (especially a good writer), is humbling. It takes continuous leaps of faith (and countless sacrifices) that most other professions don’t require (leaps of faith and sacrifices that most people, who aren’t writers, simply wouldn’t be willing to make).

Yes, I see you… my fellow writer.

I admire everything you are, everything you’ve been, and everything you’re trying to become.

Because I’m a writer, too.

I love writers... because I am one

I guess you might say…

* * *

I Also Love Writers, Because I Am One

Because I love writers, I hope you’ll become an active part of my community. Enter your name and email at the top of this page (on the right) to get my free literary agents mp3. Then say hello below and/or post a question.

I look forward to learning more about you and your work,

Mark Malatesta

Your “Undercover” Agent

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