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Writing Contest Invitation for Writers of All Ages and Genres, Anywhere in the World – No Fee Required – Deadline: Midnight EST January 31st!

Literary Agent Blog Special Request

Dear Author,

I need your help. Don’t worry… I don’t need money or a shoulder to cry on. I simply need your creativity. You see, this is one of those rare moments when I’m at a loss for words. Not completely, but enough that I need your help.

Let me explain…

* * *

Writing Contest – Details

As a former NY Times bestselling literary agent, I consider myself something of a marketing expert. But I’ve completely dropped the ball in one critical area.

I haven’t defined (clearly enough) who my Literary Agent Undercover website is for. That’s what this writing contest is about.

In modern marketing terms it’s called defining your “tribe.” And it’s kind of important because it clarifies who your business is built for and why those people are there.

I’ve admittedly done a sucky job of that.

Yes, I know that you’re an author or an aspiring author. And I know that you’d prefer to have your book(s) published by a traditional publisher (that pays you), instead of self-publishing or working with a vanity press (that requires you to pay them).

Who doesn’t?

But I went a bit deeper this week…

I realized that you’re also probably a writer who’s a lot like me. You’re 100% committed to publishing your books. And you’re going to publish your books, whether you’re able to get a traditional publisher or not (meaning self-publishing if necessary). But, you’re also smart enough to know that traditional publishing is the best place to start (for 99% of people, 99% of the time). So you’re going to do everything possible to give yourself the best possible edge to make that happen. No whining, no excuses.

If that sounds like you, then YOU are the reason I created Literary Agent Undercover.

And now I need your help to say all that in just a few words.

You know, a short phrase or expression…

Something memorable.



Possibly funny.

Something you would relate to.

Something that would inspire you and motivate you.

Something so good that you’d buy the t-shirt, coffee mug, or bumper sticker if I had them printed.

And I will have them printed.

That’s what this writing contest is for.

So I need you to tell me…

What word or phrase can you enter for this writing contest, that accurately describes the type of author that I just described?

Someone like Y-O-U.

* * *

Leave your ideas below (one comment per person, please) and you’ll be entered in a random drawing to receive one of the following prizes for this writing contest:

  • $100 Amazon Gift Card – Writing Contest | 1st Prize
  • $50 Amazon Gift Card – Writing Contest | 2nd Prize
  • $25 Amazon Gift Card – Writing Contest | 3rd Prize

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful, funny, and/or quirky suggestions.

— Mark

Writing Contest Rules and Disclaimer

One entry per person. Any ideas that you list below as part of this writing contest are fair game and I don’t owe you squat. Although, if I do use one of your ideas, I’ll certainly thank you publicly and send you some type of gift (not listed above). A really nice gift. Also, there’s a chance that I might have already thought of your idea, so don’t get upset if I don’t give you credit for something. By the way, that’s why some literary agents (including myself) and most movie studios don’t sign non-disclosure agreements before looking at book or movie ideas. It’s easy to think (as an author who’s not an insider) that ideas are frequently stolen, but it rarely happens. I’m just sayin’. Winners of this writing contest will be announced February 1st.
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