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Create Your Literary Agent List – Book Agents List

How to create your literary agent list Create your literary agent list here at Literary Agent Undercover to make sure your list is as comprehensive and accurate as it can be. That way you’ll have the best chance of getting a traditional publisher. Which resources should you use to create your literary agent list? Are there any insider secrets to help make the process less time-consuming? Read the article below to find out.

This article is part of a 9-part series to help you find
the Best Directory of Literary Agents for you.

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Create Your Literary Agent List – The Basics

Creating your literary agent list (so you can send out query letters for your book) is easy if you follow my simple 3-step process below. But first I want to make sure you have everything else in order. That way you won’t create your literary agent list (or send out queries) before you’re ready.

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Create Your Literary Agent List

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Before You Query Checklist

  • Genre/Category: Although you might be tempted to skip it and just hope they’ll figure it out, you have to tell literary agencies which genre or category your book fits into. Otherwise it will seem like you don’t know what you’re doing, and your literary agent list is not going to be well-targeted. If you’re not sure which genre(s) you should be using to classify your book, click here to read my article called List of Literary Agents Categories.
  • Query Letter: A query letter is 1-2 page pitch letter inviting literary agencies to request more or your work and represent you. You need to write a query letter whether your book is fiction, nonfiction, or a children’s book. Click here to learn How to Write a Literary Agent Query Letter.
  • Book Synopsis: Did you know that you also need to write a book synopsis, whether you’re book is fiction or nonfiction? A book synopsis is a summary of your book that helps literary agencies understand what your book is about and why they should want to read it (two very different things). Click here to learn How to Write a Synopsis for Literary Agents.
  • Sample Chapters/Finished Manuscript: Before you start creating your literary agent list or sending out queries, make sure your sample chapters or complete manuscript are complete and ready to go. Literary agencies lose enthusiasm quickly if you make them wait.
  • Book Proposal: Most authors believe that you only need to write a book proposal if you’re a nonfiction author, but that’s not true. More and more literary agencies are now requesting book proposals for fiction authors as well. Click here to learn How to Write a Book Proposal.
  • Professional Editor: You only get one chance to impress the agents on your literary agent list. If you want your books to make money, treat your publishing career like a business. If you take your writing seriously, investing your time isn’t enough. You also need to invest in your writing financially. Hire a professional editor to critique and/or edit  your book.

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Create Your Literary Agent List

Okay, if you’ve gotten this far it means you’re ready to learn how to create your literary agent list… and start sending out queries.


Here’s my simple 3-part process to create your literary agent list:

  1. Get familiar with the different literary agent lists online and in print
  2. Understand the problems associated with many of the lists
  3. Find out which literary agent list is best

Now I’m going to walk you through the process step-by-step.

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The Problem with Most Literary Agent Listings

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