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For Dummies’ literary agent – who is it and how can you submit your book to the For Dummies’ literary agency for consideration?

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Who Is the For Dummies’ Literary Agent?

With more than 250 million books in print and more than 1,800 titles, For Dummies (John Wiley & Sons) is the most widely recognized and highly regarded reference series in the world. But there is no single For Dummies book agent. Any book agent can be a For Dummies book agent.

Since 1991, the For Dummies book series has helped millions make everything easier. Now, is bringing the how-to brand online, where you’ll find proven experts presenting even the most complex subjects in plain English. For Dummies tells it like it is, without all the technical jargon.

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How to Get a For Dummies’ Literary Agent

The For Dummies brand draws its strength from the collaborative efforts of For Dummies’ literary agents, authors, and staff — a diverse, creative, entrepreneurial group of people bound together by their talent and commitment to the integrity of the brand.

If you want to become a For Dummies author, you need a For Dummies book agent (again, any book agent can be a For Dummies book agent). For Dummies’ book agents work with editors and authors to discuss project ideas and develop proposals/manuscripts. For Dummies’ book agents want to help authors write the best books they can.


Overcoming Anxiety for Dummies by author Dr. Charles Elliott by For Dummies’ book agent Elizabeth Frost-Knappman with New England Publishing Associates.

Adoption for Dummies by author Jean-Nelson Erichsen by For Dummies’ book agent Elizabeth Frost-Knappman.

Canadian History for Dummies by author Will Ferguson by For Dummies’ book agent Carolyn Swayze.

Low Fat Cooking for Dummies II by author Lynn Fischer by For Dummies’ book agent Gail Ross with the Gail Ross Literary Agency.

Schizophrenia for Dummies by author Levine Jerome by For Dummies’ book agent Marilyn Allen with Allen O’Shea Literary Agency.

Careers for Dummies and Resumes for Dummies by author Joyce Lain Kennedy by For Dummies’ book agent Gail Ross with Gail Ross Literary Agency.

The Supreme Court for Dummies by author Lisa Paddock by For Dummies’ book agent Elizabeth Frost-Knappman with New England Publishing Associates.

Organizing for Dummies by author Eileen Roth by For Dummies’ book agent Betsy Amster with Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises.

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