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Literary Agent Blog – By a Former Literary Agency President

Literary Agent Blog - Author AdviceThis literary agent blog by former NY Times bestselling book agent Mark Malatesta reveals everything you want and need to know about literary agents, and everything you wouldn’t know to ask.

The categories on this literary agent blog are named and organized in a way that makes it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Scroll below to browse the latest posts on our publishing agent blog, or use the category links in the sidebar on the right!

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Literary Agent Blog – Welcome

This literary agent blog has information about literary agents, literary agencies, writing, getting published, and book marketing. You’ll even find a section on our book agent blog where you can submit your questions to a former book agent.

It’s called Ask a Literary Agent.

Many authors find this part of our literary agent blog as valuable as the articles. They appreciate the thoughtful answers to their questions, posted by former NY Times bestselling book agent–and AAR member–Mark Malatesta. But they also find themselves learning a great deal by reading other authors’ questions (and answers) on our literary agent blog.

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Recent Posts on Our Literary Agent Blog

Do Positive Thinking Authors Really Have an Advantage?

Do positive thinking authors have an advantage over authors who are negative, skeptical, or less hopeful? The answer might surprise you. Obviously, being positive can't hurt. In fact, it can help. Positive thinking authors who are confident about their writing, their...

Literary Agents – Finding the Right Literary Agent

Finding the right literary agent is just as important as finding a literary agent and getting signed in the first place. It might seem far-fetched to think about two or more agents wanting to represent you—especially if you’re a new author—but it can happen (for...

Social Media for Authors Seeking Literary Agents

How important is social media for authors seeking literary agents and publishers? As a former literary agent turned author coach, authors often ask me: What is an "author platform?" How important is social media to literary agents and publishers? How...

How to Get a Literary Agent – 3 Things Every Author Needs to Know

You might already know the three things that will determine whether you get a literary agent: 1) The quality of your book, 2) The quality of your query letter (and book proposal, if you’re a nonfiction author), and 3) How you think about the publishing process. Here’s...

The Most Successful Literary Agents – Famous Literary Agents

Famous Literary Agents – Who are they? Should you try to get one of the most successful literary agents? Or, are mid-level literary agents better? This article is part of a series of articles and other resources to help authors of all genres get Literary Agents. Click...

How Literary Agents Work – Personal Taste vs. Profitability

How Literary Agents Work - This article reveals how book agents work. Do they make decisions about which authors they represent, based, in part, on personal taste—or, based solely on whether the books they're considering are marketable? Scroll below to find out. You...

How Can a Literary Agent Reject a Book After the First Five Pages?

Literary Agent First Five Pages - One of the things that frustrates authors most, is literary agents who only let writers submit a few pages of a manuscript, and then reject it. How can agents decide if a book is worthy of representation based on so little material?...

Writer’s Block Quote – The 41 Best Writer’s Block Quotes

What's your favorite writer's block quote? Read the quotes below to stay inspired and get rid of writer's block. And, click here to read my article about How to Stop Writer's Block. It reveals my definition of writer's block and my 35 best strategies regarding how to...

How to Overcome, Interpret, and Avoid Literary Agent Rejections

Literary agent rejections can be difficult to interpret and overcome. This article will help you comprehend and cope with the often-cryptic and sometimes-insensitive missives of book agents. It was inspired by an author who recently posted the following comment on one...






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