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This webpage will also tell you how many states have active literary agencies. That’s right, a decent percentage of them (28% to be exact) work outside New York.

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US Literary Agents – Introduction

Most authors are shocked to discover that there are publishing agents in 33 states, but for different reasons. Some authors are surprised to find out that there aren’t book agents in all fifty states. Others are disappointed to learn that there aren’t literary agencies in all 50 states. Scroll below to see how many literary agencies there are in your state, and find out how you can submit your work to them.

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US Literary Agents in Which States & Cities?

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Good News About US Literary Agents

The good news is that you don’t need to live in the same state as your author representative. Most authors don’t. Besides, there’s no advantage to having your literary agency right next door. You probably aren’t going to meet your book agent until your book gets picked up by a publisher, although you’ll certainly (in most cases) be able to email and occasionally talk on the phone. At least that’s how most book agents work.

Now, before you enter our Directory of Book Agents let me show you…

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Top Cities and States for US Literary Agents

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New York – US Literary Agents

The state of New York has more than 700 publishing agents. Of course you’ll find most of those literary agencies in Manhattan, where you’ll also find most major publishers. But there are also a lot of book agents in cities like Brooklyn, Bufflao, and Bellport. Our Directory of Book Agents lists publishing agents in 37 cities in New York. Click here to learn more about Literary Agents New York.

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California – US Literary Agents

Although the state of California has the second most book agents in the United States, it’s no competition. California only has 124 publishing agents, located in cities like Los Angeles, Mailbu, La Jolla, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills. Our Directory of Book Agents lists publishing agents in 36 cities in California. Click here to learn more about Literary Agents California.

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Hollywood, CA – US Literary Agents

How many literary agents are there in Hollywood, California? Of course, as you might expect, most California literary agencies are located in, and around, the Los Angeles area. Click here to learn more about Hollywood Literary Agents. Find out who they are and how you can submit your book to them.

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New Orleans, LA – US Literary Agents

Are there any literary agencies in New Orleans and Louisiana? Yes. And you can find out who they are in our Directory of Book Agents. It lists book agents in in New Orleans and every other city where agents can be found. Click here to learn more about Literary Agents New Orleans, and so you can research publishing agents and submit your query letter today.

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Now, are you ready too see all of the US literary agents that are appropriate for your work and looking for new authors?

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