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Todd Sattersten Literary Agent was a literary agent with Fletcher & Company. He is no longer taking submissions. Book Agent Todd Sattersten has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Michigan Technological University and a M.B.A from Marquette University. He teaches the business of publishing at Portland State University. Todd Sattersten joined Fletcher & Company in 2010 as an affiliate agent. He worked on a limited number of projects a year.

Todd Sattersten Literary Agent was previously president of business book retailer 800-CEO-READ and co-wrote The 100 Best Business Books of All Time (Portfolio, 2009). He has worked for a decade in companies both large (GE) and small (his family’s sheet metal fabrication shop). Literary Agent Todd Sattersten specialized in business books. He liked projects that have unexpected perspectives on known business issues and gave clear guidance for solving those problems.

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Todd Sattersten Literary Agent Biography

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  • Nonfiction

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Todd Sattersten Literary Agent
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