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Photo of Literary Agents in the USALiterary Agents USA – Find all book agents and literary agencies in the United States using the official Directory of Literary Agents. Get free access here. You’ll also discover how many states actually have literary agencies. That’s right, a decent percentage of them (28% to be exact) work outside of New York.

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Literary Agents USA – The Good News

You might not realize this, but you don’t need to live in the same state as your book agent or author representative. Most authors don’t. Besides, there’s no advantage to having your book agent or literary agency next door. You likely won’t meet your publishing agent until your book gets picked up by a publisher, although you’ll certainly (in most cases) be able to email and occasionally talk on the phone. At least that’s how most book agents work.

Now, before you enter our Book Agents Directory let me show you…

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The Number of Literary Agents USA – By State

AL – Alabama (0)
AK – Alaska (0)
AZ – Arizona (6)
AR – Arkansas (0)
CA – California (117)
CO – Colorado (18)
CT – Connecticut (18)
DC – Washington DC  (9)
DE – Delaware (0)
FL – Florida (18)
GA – Georgia (7)
HI – Hawaii (1)
ID – Idaho (0)
IL – Illinois (5)
IN – Indiana (1)
IA – Iowa (1)
KS – Kansas (1)
KY – Kentucky (0)
LA – Louisiana (2)
ME – Maine (1)
MD – Maryland (5)
MA – Massachusetts (36)
MI – Michigan (3)
MN – Minnesota (0)
MS – Mississippi (0)
MO – Missouri (0)
MT – Montana (1)
NE – Nebraska (0)
NV – Nevada (0)
NH – New Hampshire (0)
NJ – New Jersey (26)
NM – New Mexico (7)
NY – New York (816)
NC – North Carolina (7)
ND – North Dakota (0)
OH – Ohio (3)
OK – Oklahoma (0)
OR – Oregon (21)
PA – Pennsylvania (18)
RI – Rhode Island (0)
SC – South Carolina (0)
SD – South Dakota (0)
TN – Tennessee (11)
TX – Texas (11)
UT – Utah (0)
VT – Vermont (0)
VA – Virginia (5)
WA – Washington (9)
WV – West Virginia (1)
WI – Wisconsin (6)
WY – Wyoming (0)

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Top Cities & States for Literary Agents USA

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New York – Literary Agents USA

New York has more than 800 publishing agents. Of course you’ll find most of those literary agencies in Manhattan, where you’ll also find most major publishers. But there are also a lot of book agents in cities like Brooklyn, Bufflao, and Bellport. Our Directory of Book Agents has detailed profiles of publishing agents in 37 cities in New York. Click here to learn more about Literary Agents New York.

* * *

California – Literary Agents USA

Although the state of California has the second most book agents in the United States, there’s really no competition. California has less than 150 publishing agents, located in cities like Los Angeles, Mailbu, La Jolla, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills. Our Directory of Book Agents lists them all. Click here to learn more about Book Agents California.

* * *

Los Angeles, CA – Book Agents USA

How many book agents are there in Los Angeles, California? As you might expect, most California literary agencies are located in, and around, the Los Angeles area. Click here to learn more about Literary Agents Los Angeles including email and postal mail addresses for all active book agents in Los Angeles.

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Hollywood, CA – Literary Agents USA

How many literary agents are there in Hollywood, California? Who are the best agents in Hollywood? Who do they represent? And how can you send your query letter to them? Click here to learn more about Hollywood Publishing Agents and get one of them to make you an offer for representation.

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San Francisco, CA – Book Agents USA

How many book agents are there in San Francisco and the rest of the state? Click here to learn more about Literary Agents in San Francisco. Discover who they are and find out how you can submit your book to them.

* * *

Chicago, IL – Literary Agents USA

How many literary agents are there in Chicago and the state of Illinois? Only five. Click here to learn more about Literary Agents in Chicago and Illinois. Find out who they are, who is the best, and how you can submit your query letter to them.

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Boston, MA – Publishing Agents USA

How many publishing agents are there in Boston and the state of Massachusetts? A lot, at 36. That might not seem like a lot, but the only two states that have more book agents are New York and California. Click here to find Literary Agents in Boston as well as other cities in Massachusetts.

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Seattle, WA – Book Agents USA

How many book agents are there in Seattle and the state of Washington? Only 9, but the city of Seattle and the state of Washington are densely populated with lots of authors and readers. Who are the best agents located there and how can you send them your book? Click here to learn more about Literary Agents in Seattle and the state of Washington.

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Washington, DC – Literary Agents USA

How many literary agents are there in Washington, DC? The same about that you’ll find in the state of Washington, 9. Click here to learn more about Literary Agents in Washington DC.

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Enter the Directory of Literary Agents USA

Our Literary Agents USA Directory is the best list of literary agents that you’ll find anywhere online or in print. Created and maintained by a former NY Times bestselling literary agency owner and president, our directory contains the most accurate and up-to-date information. It’s also easy to use. Click here now to learn more about the Directory of Book Agents and get instant access to:

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* Personal email addresses for Book Agents USA
* Postal mail address for Literary Agents USA

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