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Penny Nelson Literary Agent was a literary agent with the Manus & Associates Literary Agency. She is no longer taking submissions. Publishing Agent Penny Nelson was an agent at the Manus & Associates Literary Agency. Book Agent Penny Nelson has a degree in anthropology and international studies from Macalester College. She was interested in nonfiction books. She was looking for authors with strong expertise in their area or a new twist on universal themes.

Penny Nelson Literary Agent brought to her clients many years of experience in media and talk radio. She began her career in public radio at NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross. She proceeded to become an award-winning public radio producer and host. She collaborated with Publishers Weekly Magazine to create an internet radio show that discussed the business of book publishing and selling. She had a strong sense of what the current reading public wants, what the media wants, and how to capitalize on what new trend is right around the corner.

Prior to working in the media, Penny Nelson Literary Agent was involved in scientific research projects with major universities and with the Smithsonian Institution. She has studied tropical bay demographics, chimpanzee language acquisition, and raccoon rabies.

Penny Nelson Literary Agent was on our list of Publishing Agents California (book agents in California), Publishing Agents USA (book agents in the United States), and Nonfiction Publishing Agents (book agents who represent nonfiction, not just novels).

Penny Nelson Literary Agent Biography

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Literary Agent Penny Nelson represented the following book genres:

  • Nonfiction

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Penny Nelson Literary Agent
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