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Miriam Kriss Literary Agent – This article about Literary Agent Miriam Kriss and the Irene Goodman Literary Agency is part of a series about literary agents and Finding a Book Agent. Publishing Agent Miriam Kriss is an agent with the Irene Goodman Literary Agency. DO NOT QUERY THIS AGENT AT THIS TIME: Miriam is not currently accepting unsolicited submissions. Book Agent Miriam Kriss joined the Irene Goodman Literary Agency just as she was finishing her master’s degree in Fine Arts at New York University in early 2004. She quickly became one of the hottest young agents in town. Going from Michelangelo to Nora Roberts was not as great a leap as it might seem, as she had been obsessively reading commercial fiction since she found a copy of Judith McNaught’s classic Whitney, My Love in a rented lakeside cabin when she was thirteen. A few pages in, not only were some gaps in her Catholic school education filled, but she was hooked. She reads fast: one hundred pages an hour, a novel a day, and well, that adds up to a lot of books a year.

Miriam Kriss Literary Agent likes to say Irene knows the market because she’s been doing this for over twenty-five years and is savvy as all get out, but she also knows the market because she is the market. And that knowledge has paid off for both her and her clients in a big way. Literary Agent Miriam Kriss’ focus remains on commercial fiction and she represents everything from hardcover historical mysteries to all subgenres of romance, from young adult fiction to kick ass urban fantasies, and everything in between. If it’s fun to read, she probably represents it. She doesn’t look for specific stories, focusing instead on finding a voice she can fall in love with and champion. This strategy of taking on only clients she’s passionate about has led to six-figure deals for first-time authors and numerous clients appearances on the USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists. During one memorable week, she had two authors appear on the Times list at the same time.

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  • Fiction
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  • Children’s Books

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Miriam Kriss Literary Agent
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