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Michael Caligaris Literary Agent was a new agent with Holloway Literary. He is no longer taking submissions. Book Agent Michael Caligaris holds an MFA in Creative Writing from St. Mary’s College and began his career in publishing in 2013. He co-founded a Bay Area literary magazine, The East Bay Review and worked for PLOS ONE, the world’s largest academic science journal

Michael Caligaris Literary Agent taught creative writing to first-generation college students and it became a turning point in his career. They inspired him to seek out those often-overlooked authors writing about struggle, class, family, and race.

Michael Caligaris Literary Agent strove to find emerging authors with a strong vision and voice, and promises to tirelessly campaign for their exposure.

Michael Caligaris Literary Agent appreciated voice-driven narratives, especially if first-person retrospection is utilized. He was drawn to allegorical works; a good bildungsroman; antiheroes; social criticism; satirical near-futures; period dramas; stories that deal with the bereavement process; works that highlight voices of color or the underrepresented.

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Michael Caligaris Literary Agent Biography

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