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Meredith Hays Literary Agent was an agent with FinePrint Literary Management in New York City.  She is no longer an agent. She is now an English/Writing tutor at The Learning Consultants. Literary Agent Meredith Hays started her publishing career at Houghton Mifflin in Boston, MA assisting with the production of The American Heritage Dictionary. In the early nineties she moved to New York and took her first job at Writers House literary agency. There Publishing Agent Meredith Hays worked in the subsidiary rights department while cultivating a select client list of her own. She moved from there to work two years as a Junior Associate at Linda Chester & Associates and then as an agent with Judith Ehrlich Literary Management.

Meredith Hays Literary Agent was on our list of Book Agents New York (publishing agents in New York State), Book Agents NYC (publishing agents in NYC), Book Agents USA (publishing agents in the United States), Fiction Book Agents (publishing agents who represent fiction authors), and Nonfiction Book Agents (publishing agents who represent nonfiction, not just novels).

Meredith Hays Literary Agent Biography

Photo of Meredith Hays Literary Agent - FinePrint Literary ManagementDon’t submit a query letter to Meredith Hays Literary Agent because she’s on our list of book agents who’ve stopped agenting, retired, or passed away. If you want to find book agents that ARE seeking new clients, click here now to access our Publishing Agents Directory. Or scroll below to learn more about Literary Agent Meredith Hays and FinePrint Literary Management.

Book Genres – Meredith Hays Literary Agent

Meredith Hays Literary Agent represented the following genres of books:

  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction

Representative Sales – Meredith Hays Literary Agent

  • NATURALLY FUN PARTIES FOR KIDS by Anni Daulter (Sellers Publishing)
  • KNACK SERIES CELEBRATION CAKES by Sharon Naylor (Globe Pequot)
  • GAMES THAT SING: 50 ACTIVITIES TO KEEP KIDS ON THEIR TOES by Loyan Beausoleil & Leah Wells (Heritage Music)
  • POPSICLE CRAZE by Anni Daulter (Sellers Publishing)
  • KNACK WEDDING HAIRSTYLES & BEAUTY by Sharon Naylor (Globe Pequot)
  • LIVING CANVAS by Karen Hudson (Seal Press)

Meredith Hays Literary Agent
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