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Melissa T. Shultz Literary Agent was an agent with Jim Donovan Literary in Dallas, Texas. She is now an editor at Jim Donovan, an author, and a freelance writer. She is no longer an agent. Literary Agent Melissa T. Shultz is an essayist and journalist who contributes to newspapers and magazines, and is an editor with Jim Donovan Literary in Dallas, Texas. Prior to freelance work, Publishing Agent Melissa T. Shultz was Director of Creative Services for a trade association in Washington, D.C. Her essays are about life’s journey – about the moments that speed by all too quickly, and the ones that are all too painfully slow. Book Agent Melissa T. Shultz’s writing has appeared in publications such as The Washington Post, The Dallas Morning News, D Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Ladies’ Home Journal, The L.A. Times,,,,, The New York Times, and has aired on Mother Earth News (formerly CNN Radio). Melissa T. Shultz Literary Agent is currently at work on a book about transitioning to the empty nest (Sourcebooks, Spring/2016). Melissa T. Shultz Literary Agent is an editor for Jim Donovan Literary, an author, and a freelance writer.

Melissa T. Shultz Literary Agent was on our list of Publishing Agents Dallas (book agents in Dallas), Publishing Agents Texas (book agents in Texas), Publishing Agents USA (book agents in the United States), Fiction Publishing Agents (book agents who represent fiction authors), and Nonfiction Publishing Agents (book agents who represent nonfiction, not just novels).

Melissa T. Shultz Literary Agent Biography

Photo of Melissa T. Shultz Literary Agent - Jim Donovan LiteraryDon’t submit a query letter to Melissa T. Shultz Literary Agent because she’s on our list of book agents who’ve stopped agenting, retired, or passed away. If you want to find book agents that ARE seeking new clients, click here now to access our Publishing Agents Directory. Or scroll below to learn more about Literary Agent Melissa T. Shultz and Jim Donovan Literary.2hj

Book Genres – Melissa T. Shultz Literary Agent

Melissa T. Shultz Literary Agent represented the following genres of books:

  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction

Representative Sales – Melissa T. Shultz Literary Agent

  • THE PRE-EMPT CHRONICLES by Melissa Shultz (Sourcebooks)
  • Sales for Jim Donovan Literary:
  • DRIVE by G. Wayne Miller (Public Affairs)
  • GRANT AND LEE by William Davis (Da Capo)
  • AMERICAN QUEEN by John Oller (Da Capo)
  • SOLDIER OF MISFORTUNE by Richard Bak (Da Capo)
  • DAUNTLESS by Stephen Moore (NAL)
  • THE LORDS OF APACHERIA by Paul Hutton (Crown)

Melissa T. Shultz Literary Agent
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