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Joshua Bilmes Literary Agent – This article about Literary Agent Joshua Bilmes and Jabberwocky Literary Agency is part of a series about literary agents and how to Find a Publishing Agent. Book Agent Joshua Bilmes is an agent with Jabberwocky Literary Agency. Publishing Agent Joshua Bilmes is the President of Jabberwocky Literary Agency, which he founded in 1994. He has been an agent for over three decades, having made his professional debut at the Scott Meredith Literary Agency in 1986. He started at SMLA soon after graduating from the University of Michigan with a BA in History.

Literary Agent Joshua Bilmes path to publishing and owning his own agency began in high school, when he sent many letters to the editor of Analog, the leading science fiction magazine, critiquing each issue. These letters impressed the magazine’s associate editor, Betsy Mitchell, so much that she offered Bilmes the chance to do freelance readers reports and other work for her when she joined Baen Books (Betsy eventually left Baen for high-level positions at Warner, Ballantine/Del Rey and other major imprints and now freelances at Betsy Mitchell Editorial Services).

Joshua Bilmes Literary Agent’s path to becoming an agent went through the science fiction genre, though his interests were and are far broader. In the mystery genre, the Hardy Boys led to the Three Investigators, and from there to Agatha Christie, Perry Mason, the 87th Precinct and John LeCarre. His college degree in history introduced him to The New Republic, though he now reads The New Yorker. He keeps up on pop culture with Rolling Stone and spends fifteen hours a week reading newspapers.

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