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Jason Allen Ashlock Literary Agent was an agent with Moveable Type Management in New York City before he started a marketing company: The Frontier Project. He is no longer an agent. Literary Agent Jason Allen Ashlock was President of Movable Type Management. He founded Movable Type Literary Group in the spring of 2009, after completing graduate studies in Religion and in American literature. Publishing Agent Jason Allen Ashlock’s client list was heavily populated by nonfiction authors in History, Biography, Memoir, Current Affairs, Politics, and Pop Culture. He teaches in the Publishing Program of the City College of New York.

Jason Allen Ashlock Literary Agent now runs a marketing business, “The Frontier Project,” which manages ambitious and innovative book packaging initiatives for media companies, entrepreneurial authors, growing brands, start-ups, and organizations of all kinds. The Frontier Project’s Mission is to combine the timeless gravitas of a book with the latest in flexible publishing technology to redefine the book and its place in the lives of individuals and communities.

Jason Allen Ashlock Literary Agent was on our list of Publishing Agents New York (book agents in New York State), Publishing Agents NYC (book agents in NYC), Publishing Agents USA (book agents in the United States), Fiction Publishing Agents (book agents who represent fiction authors), Nonfiction Publishing Agents (book agents who represent nonfiction, not just novels), Children’s Publishing Agents (book agents who represent books for younger readers), Young Adult Publishing Agents (book agents who represent YA books for teens), and Middle Grade Publishing Agents (book agents who represent books for middle grade tween readers).

Jason Allen Ashlock Literary Agent Biography

Photo of Jason Allen Ashlock Literary Agent - Moveable Type ManagementDon’t submit a query letter to Jason Allen Ashlock Literary Agent because he’s on our list of book agents who’ve stopped agenting, retired, or passed away. If you want to find book agents that ARE seeking new clients, click here now to access our Literary Agents Directory. Or scroll below to learn more about Literary Agent Jason Allen Ashlock and Moveable Type Management.

Book Genres – Jason Allen Ashlock Literary Agent

Jason Allen Ashlock Literary Agent represented the following book genres:

  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Children’s Books

Representative Sales – Jason Allen Ashlock Literary Agent

  • THE PRESIDENTS’ WAR by Chris DeRose (Lyons Press)
  • BAD TEETH by Dustin Long (Little A)
  • COLORING FOR GROWN-UPS: HOLIDAY FUN BOOK by Ryan Hunter & Taige Jensen (Plume)
  • SEX IN THE MUSEUM by Sarah Forbes (St. Martin’s)
  • THE HIP GIRLS GUIDE TO THE KITCHEN by Kate Payne (Harper Design)
  • KOMBUCHA! by Eric Childs & Jessica Childs (Avery)
  • THE DREAM OF DOCTOR BANTAM by Jeanne Thornton (OR Books)

Jason Allen Ashlock Literary Agent
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