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Irene Webb Literary Agent was a book agent with Irene Webb Literary in Santa Fe, New Mexico before she started working at Plantation Realty of Arkansas. She is no longer an agent. Literary Agent Irene Webb was a bridge between the publishing world and the film and TV industry with a reputation for handling top quality film material. Her agency handled marketing, negotiating and selling media rights on behalf of writers, publishers and top independent literary agencies from all around the country. Publishing Agent Irene Webb is now with Plantation Realty of Arkansas.

Irene Webb Literary Agent was on our list of Publishing Agents USA (book agents in the United States), Fiction Publishing Agents (book agents who represent fiction authors), and Nonfiction Publishing Agents (book agents who represent nonfiction, not just novels).

Irene Webb Literary Agent Biography

Photo of Irene Webb Literary Agent - Irene Webb LiteraryDon’t submit a query letter to Irene Webb Literary Agent because she’s on our list of book agents who’ve stopped agenting, retired, or passed away. If you want to find book agents that ARE seeking new clients, click here now to access our Publishing Agents Directory. Or scroll below to learn more about Literary Agent Irene Webb and Irene Webb Literary.

Book Genres – Irene Webb Literary Agent

Literary Agent Irene Webb represented genres of books like:

  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction

Representative Sales – Irene Webb Literary Agent

  • NECESSARY HEARTBREAK by Michael Sullivan (Pocket)
  • SECRETS OF A SOAP OPERA DIVA by Victoria Rowell (Atria)
  • THE MIRACLE PROJECT by Elaine Hall (Harper Studio)
  • PILATE’S WIFE by Antoinette May (William Morrow)
  • CATCHER IN THE WRY by Bob Uecker (Warner)

Irene Webb Literary Agent
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