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Drew Nederpelt Literary Agent was a book agent with Metropol Literary in New York City before he became an Executive at Sterling & Ross. He is no longer an agent. Literary Agent Drew Nederpelt grew up in Toronto, Amsterdam, and Zurich and spoke three languages by age 13. He was first introduced to the agenting business when he had the opportunity to write a book with NBC reporter Ashleigh Banfield about 9/11 and the journalist s travels to Afghanistan, the Middle East and beyond. After experiencing several high-powered New York agents, Publishing Agent Drew Nederpelt realized there was an opportunity for a literary agency that was first and foremost a sales organization. So, after working for a venerable Manhattan agency in 2002, Book Agent Drew Nederpelt founded Metropol Literary, dedicated to exposing and educating, entertaining and revealing.

As the principal of Metropol Literary (which also has a west coast office that brokers Metropol projects to the film industry), Drew Nederpelt Literary Agent watched over the growth of his company to five agents and project sales that average one every three weeks. Literary Agent Drew Nederpelt is now an Executive at Sterling & Ross.

Drew Nederpelt Literary Agent was on our list of Publishing Agents New York (book agents in New York State), Publishing Agents NYC (book agents in NYC), Publishing Agents USA (book agents in the United States), Fiction Publishing Agents (book agents who represent fiction authors), and Nonfiction Publishing Agents (boOok agents who represent nonfiction, not just novels).

Drew Nederpelt Literary Agent Biography

Photo of Drew Nederpelt Literary Agent - Metropol LiteraryDon’t submit a query letter to Drew Nederpelt Literary Agent because he’s on our list of book agents who’ve stopped agenting, retired, or passed away. If you want to find book agents that ARE seeking new clients, click here now to access our Book Agents Directory. Or scroll below to learn more about Literary Agent Drew Nederpelt and Metropol Literary.

Book Genres – Drew Nederpelt Literary Agent

Drew Nederpelt Literary Agent represented the following genres of books:

  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction

Representative Sales – Drew Nederpelt Literary Agent

  • VINDICTIVE GROUNDS by Jennifer Brown-Thomas (Sterling & Ross)
  • THE PERSIAN QUANDARY by Lee Lindauer (Sterling & Ross)
  • STUFF ON MY CAT by Anthony Santaularia (Sterling & Ross)
  • SHATNER: THE AMAZING TREK OF WILLIAM SHATNER by Michael Starr (Sterling & Ross)
  • ROCKET MAN by William Elliott Hazelgrove (Sterling & Ross)
  • TOTAL SOCCER by Kevin Grogan (Sterling & Ross)
  • PEOPLE HIRE PEOPLE: NOT RESUMES by Frank Danzo (Sterling & Ross)
  • HOW TO RAISE KIDS WHO WON’T HATE YOU by Alan Thicke (Sterling & Ross)

Drew Nederpelt Literary Agent
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