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Douglas Lee Literary Agent was a new agent at Kimberley Cameron & Associates. He is no longer taking submissions. Book Agent Douglas Lee started his career in writing as a young man. After graduating from high school at the age of fifteen, he earned his Bachelor’s in Creative Writing from San Francisco when he was twenty years old. Though educated and vetted in literary fiction throughout his tour of the Academy, his love of the speculative has never been abandoned.

After earning his BA, Douglas Lee Literary Agent built a life around writing. He was a stage comic, a nightclub manager, a DJ Lighting technician, and lived in South Korea teaching English. He returned from traveling the world to attend the University of San Francisco to begin his MFA.

Douglas Lee Literary Agent came to Kimberley Cameron as a writer in 2014 with the purpose of learning what hid behind the curtain of publishing. While completing his MFA, he found that he loved the work behind and ahead of the typewriter. At this time, his sole focus was representing fantasy and science fiction that stimulates the imagination. As an agent Literary Agent Douglas Lee was seeking SFF manuscripts that utilize the craft elements of literary fiction and the best parts of imaginative genre. He was looking for novels with writing just as enticing as the story. Subtle and deft world-building techniques captured his attention; as did characters with confused moral compasses and raw magnetism.

Douglas Lee Literary Agent welcomed all SFF sub-genres. He adored Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Weird Fiction in the flavor of China Mieville, and noir influenced voices. He was looking for authors who write against genre and bend preconceptions. LGBTQ based manuscripts were welcome, as were unconventional SFF protagonists with marginalized voices in their world.

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