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Literary Agents’ Organization – AAR

Literary Agents Organization The Literary Agents’ Organization (also known as the Association of Authors’ Representatives or AAR) has a special mission as the only professional organization that monitors the business activities of book agents. Read this article to learn about the mission of the Literary Agents’ Organization and locate member agents.

This article is part of my Introductory Guide to the AAR.

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Literary Agents’ Organization – Mission

The Literary Agents’ Organization has three main objectives:

  • Keep agents informed of changing conditions in publishing, the theater, the motion picture and television industries, and related fields
  • Encourage cooperation among literary organizations
  • Assist book agents in representing the interests of their author-clients

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Details – Literary Agents’ Organization

The Literary Agents’ Organization is professional and member-oriented, with a Canon of Ethics that governs the conduct of its agents. The Book Agents’ Organization functions through its By-Laws, which provide for governance through a Board of Directors, elected by Members, supported by appointed Committees.

The Board appoints liaisons to other organizations in the publishing, entertainment, and information industries to help identify issues of mutual concern and to enable our organizations to work together whenever possible. The Literary Agents’ Organization provides its members with information, education, and support.

Through persuasion and advocacy the Literary Agents’ Organization works to protect and enhance the best interests of its clients. The Book Agents’ Organization affirms the full individuality of its members and their freedom to act on their clients’ behalf, subject to their Canon of Ethics and its definition of each individual’s obligation to uphold integrity and the highest professional standards in all business dealings.

The Book Agents’ Organization committees identify issues of concern and prepare alerts and programs for the Literary Agents’ Organization on such matters. And the Literary Agents’ Organization pledges to uphold the highest standards in all business dealings.

Affirming a unity of purpose to act for the enhancement of their profession and the interests of their clients, and desiring always to maintain the full individuality of each member while promoting their mutual objectives, the members of the Book Agents’ Organization agree to behave ethically towards each other, their clients, and the public and to adhere to the Book Agents’ Organization Canon of Ethics.

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Directory – Literary Agents’ Organization

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