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Literary Agent Association Membership – AAR Membership

Literary Agent Association Membership Literary Agent Association Membership (AAR) is divided into two divisions or branches, and membership can’t be “bought.” In other words, books agents have to meet certain criteria before they can even apply.

Read this article to find out what the requirements are, and learn how to submit your book to agents with an active Literary Agent Association Membership… so you can get a top publisher and book deal.

This article is part of my guide to the  Association of Authors’ Representatives.

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Literary Agent Association Membership – Two Divisions

Literary Agent Association Membership is divided into two different branches. Most literary agents are members of only one branch, while other literary agents are members of both:

The Literary Branch

To apply for Literary Agency Association membership in the literary division, an applicant must have been principally responsible for executed agreements concerning the grant of publication, translation, or performance rights in ten or more different literary properties during the 18 months preceding the application.

The Dramatic Branch

To apply for Literary Agency Association membership in the dramatic division, an applicant must have been principally responsible for the grant of rights for at least five stage productions before live audiences in First Class, Off Broadway, LORT, or New York City major institutional theaters during the two years preceding the application. At least one such grant must have used either the Approved Production Contract of the Dramatists Guild of America or have been for production Off Broadway in New York City. Film or television performance contracts are also considered.

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Literary Agent Association Membership – Additional Requirements

To qualify for Literary Agency Association membership, agents must meet professional standards specified in the Literary Agent Association Membership By-Laws and agree to subscribe to the Literary Agent Association Membership Canon of Ethics.

Members of the Literary Agent Association must have conducted, and must commit to continuing to conduct, their business in compliance with their legal and fiduciary duties to their clients. In addition, two active Literary Agent Association members must submit supporting recommendations on company letterhead, including specific information.

Full Literary Agent Association Membership costs $150 per calendar year, with a one-time $150 initiation fee. The application process is individual and thorough. Literary Agent Association Associates pay $75 per year with no application fee. Learn more about these two different levels of Literary Agent Association membership below.

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Literary Agent Association Membership – Two Levels of Membership

There are two Literary Agent Association membership levels, based on an individual agent’s level of experience:

  • Full Membership: This level of Literary Agency Association membership is restricted to agents whose primary professional activity for at least the two years preceding their application has been as an authors’ or playwrights’ representative. Agents may be approved in one or both of the Literary Agent Association Membership branches described above.
  • Associate Membership: Working agents who haven’t yet satisfied the requirements for full Literary Agency Association membership may join the Association of Authors Representatives as an Associate. But they must be sponsored by an AAR member who is a full member agent from the agency where they work.

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Directory – Literary Agent Association Membership

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Now that you’re familiar with the ins and outs of Literary Agent Association Membership…

Click here to see the Literary Agents’ Association Canon of Ethics.

Literary Agents Association Canon of Ethics

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