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Literary Agents’ Guild or Association? – AALA/AAR

Literary Agents Guild Sometimes mistakenly thought to be a Literary Agents’ Guild, the AALA (previously known as the AAR or Association of Authors’ Representatives) is an association. Guilds have the ability to collectively bargain, which the AALA does not. The AALA, however, is the only association that governs the business activities of book agents. However, less than one third of all active agents are members. Read this article to learn more and find out how you can find member agents.

This article is part of my Authors’ Guide to the AALA/AAR.

Literary Agents’ Guild

What Is the AALA/AAR?

The AALA/AAR is the only existing professional organization for authors’ representatives, headquartered in Manhattan, NY.

The AALA/AAR is a not-for-profit professional organization of qualified literary agents and dramatic representatives of the creators and owners of intellectual property. The AALA/AAR is active in all areas of the publishing, theater, motion picture and television industries, and related fields.

The AALA/AAR maintains active, collaborative relationships with other professional organizations in publishing, education, publicity, performance arts, and cinema. Most AALA/AAR programs are exclusively for members, so the only way to get invitations is to become a member. The AALA/AAR is a membership corporation.

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Important – AALA/AAR – Literary Agents’ Guild

I’m very proud of the fact that I was member of the AALA when it was known as the AAR or Association of Authors’ Representatives, from 2002-05. That’s because book agents have to meet several criteria to qualify for membership (more about this later). As a result, Literary Agent Undercover will always be an advocate of the AALA/AAR. However, please note (for legal reasons), the AALA/AAR is not affiliated with Literary Agent Undercover. They do not sponsor, support or endorse Literary Agent Undercover in any way.

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History – AALA/AAR – Literary Agents’ Guild

The AALA/AAR was created in 1991 through a merger. The two organizations that joined forced to form the Association of Authors’ Representatives were the Society of Authors’ Representatives (SAR) founded in 1928, and the Independent Literary Agents’ Association (ILAA) founded in 1977.

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Contact – AALA/AAR – Literary Agents’ Guild

Because the AALA/AAR is a volunteer-based, not-for-profit organization, they don’t maintain a large office staff or high-profile public presence. And the AALA/AAR doesn’t maintain a press office. General information may be obtained by calling, emailing, or writing the office at this address:

676-A 9th Ave, Suite 312
New York NY 10036

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Directory – AALA/AAR – Literary Agents’ Guild

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Now that you know what the AALA/AAR is, an association vs a literary agent guild…

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Literary Agents Organization Mission

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