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Anna Sproul-Latimer Literary Agent – This article about Literary Agent Anna Sproul-Latimer and Neon Literary is part of a series about literary agents and Finding a Book Agent. Publishing Agent Anna Sproul-Latimer is an agent with Neon Literary. She co-founded the agency in 2020 and is the agency’s president. Book Agent Anna Sproul-Latimer earned a BA from Columbia University and her master’s degree from Oxford, both in English literature. Previously, for fifteen years, she was part of the Ross Yoon agency.

Literary Agent Anna Sproul-Latimer is drawn to bright, buzzing, curious, and slightly demented authors driven by enthusiasm so infectious that (inter)national audiences are already paying attention. She is looking for authors motivated by a true mission—a clear answer to the question, “What is the legacy I want to leave in the world?” Of particular interest is moral leadership lemonade from the lemons of trauma: authors who are whistleblowers, “unelectable” elected officials, Cassandras, and survivors.

Anna Sproul-Latimer Literary Agent sold multiple New York Times bestsellers, major book-to-film deals, and foreign translations in more than fifty different languages. Literary Agent Anna Sproul-Latimer attends book fairs and speaks at writers’ conferences across the country and world. In her spare time, she edits and ghostwrites books and writes for women’s lifestyle media.

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Anna Sproul-Latimer Literary Agent Biography

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Anna Sproul-Latimer Literary Agent
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