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Fiction literary agents Fiction literary agents can be found below in our Directory of Agents, but before I show you that… I want to be sure you’re describing your book accurately. That way you’ll have a better shot at finding a literary agency to represent you. So scroll below to make sure you’re categorizing or classifying your novel properly, before sending out any queries.

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Fiction Literary Agents: Primary Categories

Before I give you specific information about fiction subgenres, let’s first make sure you you have your primary fiction genre correct (based on word count):

* Flash fiction: Less than 2,000 words
* Short story: 2,000-7,500 words
* Novelette: 7,500-25,000 words
* Novella: 25-50,000 words
* Novel: 50-125,000 words
* Epic novel: 200,000 words or more

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Fiction Literary Agents: Genres and Subgenres

Fiction literary agents represent countless genres.

I’ve listed the most popular ones here…

Action Genre
Action Adventure Genre
Adventure Genre
African American Book Agents
Alternate History Genre
Apocalyptic Genre
Biographical Fiction Genre
Black Comedy Genre
Chick Lit Genre
Children’s Books Literary Agents
Christian Fiction Book Agents
Comedy/Humor Book Agents
Coming of Age Fiction Genre
Commercial Fiction Genre
Contemporary Fantasy Genre
Contemporary Fiction Genre
Contemporary Realistic Fiction
Crime Fiction Book Agents
Dark Fantasy Genre
Detective Fiction Genre
Disaster Thriller Genre
Drama Fiction Genre
Dystopian Genre
Epic Fiction Genre
Erotic Fiction Genre
Espionage Genre
Ethnic Fiction Genre
Faction Genre
Fable Genre
Fairy Tale Genre
Family Saga Genre
Fan Fiction Genre
Fantasy Publishing Agents
Fiction Genre
Flash Fiction Genre
Folktale Genre
Gangster Fiction Genre
Gay Fiction Literary Agents
General Fiction Genre
Ghost Story Genre
Glitz Fiction Genre
Gothic Fiction Genre
Graphic Novel Publishing Agents
Hardboiled Crime Fiction
Historical Fiction Book Agents
Horror Book Agents
Inspirational Fiction Genre
Jewish Fiction Literary Agents
Legal Fiction Genre
Lesbian Fiction Genre
Literary Fiction Publishing Agents
Magical Realism Genre
Mainstream Fiction Genre
Military Fiction Genre
Modern Fiction Genre

Monster Fiction Genre
Multicultural Fiction Genre
Murder Mystery Genre
Mystery Book Agents
Mythic Fiction Genre
Narrative Fiction Genre
New Adult Publishing Agents
Noir Genre
Occult Fiction Genre
Paranoid Fiction Genre
Paranormal Fiction Book Agents
Paranormal Romance Literary Agents
Parody Genre
Period Piece Fiction Genre
Philosophical Fiction Genre
Picture Book Agents
Poetry Publishing Agents
Police Procedural Genre
Political Fiction Genre
Post-Apocalyptic Genre
Prose Genre
Psychological Fiction Genre
Psychological Thriller Genre
Pulp Fiction Genre
Realistic Fiction Genre
Religious Publishing Agents
Romance Book Agents
Romantic Comedy Genre
Satirical Fiction Genre
Science Fiction Publishing Agents
Screenplay Literary Agents
Short Story Publishing Agents
Slasher Fiction Genre
Slice of Life Fiction Genre
Southern Fiction Genre
Southern Gothic Genre
Speculative Fiction Genre
Spiritual Book Agents
Sports Book Agents
Spy Fiction Genre
Steampunk Fiction Genre
Supernatural Fiction Genre
Survival Fiction Genre
Suspense Genre
Techno-thriller Genre
Thriller Book Agents
Tragedy Genre
Urban Fantasy Literary Agents
Upmarket Fiction Genre
Urban Fiction Publishing Agents
Utopian Fiction Genre
Vampire Fiction Genre
Werewolf Fiction Genre
Western Genre
Whodunit Fiction Genre
Women’s Fiction Genre

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If you’re not sure what book genre your book fits into, click here to visit our Book Genres website. There you’ll find information on every fiction category that you can imagine. For example, you’ll find a definition for the genre, and any related genres or sub-genres. You’ll also see a list of book genre examples for every category.

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