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Carl D. Brandt Literary Agent Biography

Photo of Carl D. Brandt Literary Agent - Brandt & Hochman Literary AgentsCarl D. Brandt Literary Agent was a book agent with Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents in New York City before he passed away August 10, 2013.

Carl D. Brandt Literary Agent was born in 1935. He spent his early years in newspapers and magazines, and while working for Look in 1957, he moved over to Brandt & Brandt, the literary agency founded by his father (currently called Brandt & Hochman).

Over Carl D. Brandt Literary Agent’s long career his clients included serious talents in nature writing, geopolitics, military history, lifestyle, philosophy, American history and the American West, biography, sociology, education as well as writers of adult and children’s fiction. His authors won the Nobel Prize, Cervantes Prize in Fiction, Pulitzer Prize, and National Book Award, among others.

Carl D. Brandt Literary Agent died at the age of 77.

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Book Genres – Carl D. Brandt Literary Agent

Carl D. Brandt Literary Agent represented genres of books like:

Nonfiction: History, Politics, Current Affairs, and Cooking

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Representative Sales – Carl D. Brandt Literary Agent


SAUCEPANS & THE SINGLE GIRL by Jinx Morgan & Judy Perry (Warner)

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Carl D. Brandt Literary Agent
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