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Photo of Mark Malatesta - Get a Literary AgentGet a literary agent using the resources on this web page, starting with my free 60-minute audio recording about how to get a book agent to represent you. As you probably already know, literary agents are the key to getting a good book deal with a traditional publisher like Random House.

Hi, my name is Mark Malatesta.

I’m a former NY Times bestselling literary agent, and I have a confession to make. The #1 reason I became a publishing agent was to get a literary agent myself. In other words, I know what you’re going through as an author, and I know exactly what you need to do to get the attention of top book agents and publishers.

Scroll below now to discover the truth about literary agents. I’m going to tell you everything you want to know, and everything you wouldn’t know to ask (including some things that literary agents don’t want you to know).

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Hi, my name is Mark Malatesta…

Mark Malatesta PhotoI’m a former literary agent turned author coach/consultant, and I have a confession to make. The #1 reason I became a literary agent was to find out how to get my own books published. In other words, I know what you’re going through as an author, and I know exactly what you need to do to become a bestselling author.

My authors have gotten 6-figure book deals with major publishers like Random House, Penguin Books, Simon & Schuster, Scholastic, and Thomas Nelson. They’ve been on bestseller lists such as the NY Times and USA Today; had their work picked up for TV, stage, and feature film (with companies like Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks); won countless awards; and had their work licensed in more than 40 countries… resulting in millions of books sold.

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Get a Literary Agent: 7 Insider Secrets
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During this training you’ll discover:

* Why you must have an agent and how they really work (some of the things you learn are going to shock you)

* 3 types of literary agents and how you can find the right one for you

* The most important thing that agents and publishers think about when they’re considering your work

* 5 writer scams that could cost you thousands (or tens of thousands of dollars)

* Why you can’t think of yourself as an author (if you want to make a living as one)

* The critical difference between good agents and great agents

* Why you have only 8 seconds (yes, 8 seconds) to get an agent’s attention

* 5 types of authors (and why it’s so important that you know who they are)

* Why most of the things you’ve learned about query letters is completely wrong

* How you can get help from me personally 1-on-1

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What People Are Saying About This
Get a Literary Agent MP3

LB Robbins - Get a Literary Agent“Your MP3 about how to get a literary agents was the best gift I’ve encountered in a long time.

It woke me up to the notion that getting a literary agent and getting published by a traditional publisher such as Random House isn’t luck—it’s a decision. Within seconds of hearing that, I decided to start sending out queries for my book. Now I already have 5 top literary agents who’ve requested my complete manuscript or sample chapters!

Before I listened to your MP3 I wondered, ‘What could I possibly get from a former literary agent speaking for an hour when I don’t even have a query letter written yet?’ I’m not ready to get a literary agent. But if I hadn’t listened, I wouldn’t have been able to write the query letter. You shared a lot of explicit information about how agents think. While my original pitch wasn’t entirely written on a lobster bib, napkin, or the palm of my hand, it lacked substance… and it didn’t have the best structure.

Your mp3 also shared powerful stories and insights that helped me position myself in a better way to get a literary agent. I would have overlooked potential credentials, information, credibility, credence, background, and interesting elements about myself. I didn’t feel they mattered or measured up on paper. Anyone who listens to your mp3 should thank his or her lucky stars for that alone.

You also expressed the truism that agents are real people—human. They didn’t get a degree to become an agent, and we shouldn’t be intimidated if they exercise their patriotic freedom to use their ego. Hearing that was helpful because it can be very daunting trying to get a literary agent, and it’s easy to view their responses as personal.

It’s never too early for an author to open the front door to your online audio library and listen. Smart authors will pay attention and feel lucky to have a dream team partner like you who is knowledgeable but also warm and caring. Although you don’t know most of us personally, you keep encouraging us and sharing your valuable information and insight.

We all need that.

So often in life we say, ‘I can’t take it anymore. I can’t handle this. It’s too much.’ But as soon as you say you can’t get a literary agent, then you can’t. And as soon as you make a decision that you can get a literary agent, you can. Everything is a decision for me now. Yes or no, but I decide. I don’t just wait, I decide. I don’t just wish, I decide.

Your MP3 catapulted me into a different stratosphere of how I approach my publishing goals, and everything else in my life—finances, romance, and daily living—because everything is a decision. You woke me up, reinvigorated me, and changed me.

And things are actually happening.

Thank you!!!”

– LB Robbins

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If you haven’t already done so, scroll back up to the top of this web page now for free access to this audio training. All you have to do is enter your first name and email address for instant access.

See you on the recording,

Mark Malatesta
Your “Undercover Agent”

P.S. – Once you’ve gotten your free audio training, scroll below to read my free 17-part article series about how to get a literary agent. It’s the perfect companion guide to my Get a Literary Agent MP3. It has additional information to help you write an irresistible query letter, book synopsis, and book proposal. You’ll discover how to format and submit your work. And you’ll learn about literary agency turnaround times and literary agency feedback.

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Get a literary agentGet a Literary Agent – Article Series

Part 1: Get a Literary Agent

The Get a Book Agent Process

If you want literary representation, follow the 3-step process in this article. First you have to research literary agencies to find the ones that are the best fit for you and your book. Then you have to prepare your pitch materials. And, third, you need to pitch your work. Click here for more information about the getting a literary agent process in my Get a Book Agent Guide.

* * *

Part 2: Get a Literary Agent

How to Get a Book Agent Checklist

Want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to get a publishing agent? Click here to see my how to get a literary agent checklist in my Get a Book Agent Guide, and get the perfect literary agency for you and your book.

* * *

Part 3: Get a Literary Agent

What Is a Query Letter?

A query letter is a 1-2 page “pitch” letter that you must write to get a publishing agent. Click here to learn more about how to write a literary agent query letter in my Get a Book Agent Guide so you can get a major publisher and book deal.

* * *

Part 4: Get a Literary Agent

Query Letter Sample Structure

Most of the query letter samples that you’ll find in books and online are wrong. This webpage reveals the ideal query letter sample structure that’s twice as likely to get the attention of book agents and publishers. Click here to see the perfect query letter sample structure in my Get a Book Agent Guide.

* * *

Part 5: Get a Literary Agent

Query Letter Example

Don’t try to get a publishing agent until you look at this successful query letter example. It helped launch a long-term career for the author with a major publisher including a hardcover/paperback multi-book deal, getting picked up for feature film, dozens of awards and award nominations, and audio book adaptations. Click here to see this stellar literary agent query letter example in my Get a Book Agent Guide.

* * *

Part 6: Get a Literary Agent

Query Letter Secrets

The query letter secrets you’ll find here can be the difference between you getting lots of literary agencies interested in your work… and your query ending up in the shredder. Click here to discover some of my best query literary agent secrets in my Get a Book Agent Guide.

* * *

Part 7: Get a Literary Agent

How to Write a Book Synopsis

If you want to get a literary agent, you need a book synopsis or summary of your book. But how to you write a book synopsis? And what’s the difference between the two different types that publishing agents ask for? Click here to learn how to write a book synopsis for literary agents in my Get a Book Agent Guide.

* * *

Part 8: Get a Literary Agent

How to Write a Book Proposal

Do you know what a book proposal is? Are you aware that you might need to write a book proposal, whether you’re writing fiction, nonfiction, or even children’s books? Click here to learn more about how to write a book proposal and find out if you need one in my Get a Book Agent Guide.

* * *

Part 9: Get a Literary Agent

Nonfiction Book Proposals

A nonfiction book proposal is a requirement for virtually all nonfiction authors. Click here to find out how to write a nonfiction book proposal in my Get a Book Agent Guide.

* * *

Part 10: Get a Literary Agent

Fiction Book Proposals

A fiction book proposal isn’t always required for aspiring novelists, but some book agents insist on you having one. Click here to find out how to write a fiction book proposal in my Get a Book Agent Guide.

* * *

Part 11: Get a Literary Agent

Submit Your Book to An Agent

There are three different ways to submit your book to literary agencies, and it’s important that you use the preferred/accepted method for every literary agency that you query. Click here to learn how to submit your book to a literary agent in my Get a Book Agent Guide.

* * *

Part 12: Get a Literary Agent

How to Format an Email Query

Want to make sure your email query gets read quickly and is taken seriously. Click here to learn how to format an email query for literary agents in my Get a Book Agent Guide.

* * *

Part 13: Get a Literary Agent

Making Submissions Online

Before your query literary agencies on the internet, using an online submission form, read this article. Click here to find out what kind of information you’re going to need when you submit a query using a literary agent online submission form in my Get a Book Agent Guide.

* * *

Part 14: Get a Literary Agent

Literary Agent SASE

What is a literary agent SASE and how can you find  literary agencies that will let you query them by postal mail? Click here to find out what a literary agent SASE is in my Get a Book Agent Guide.

* * *

Part 15: Get a Literary Agent

File Format Guidelines

Most literary agencies will only accept your book synopsis, sample chapters, complete manuscript, etc. in one of two different file formats. Click here to learn more about file format submission guidelines for literary agents in my Get a Book Agent Guide.

* * *

Part 16: Get a Literary Agent

Agent Turnaround Times

How long do literary agencies take to respond to author submissions? What are the best and worst response times for query letters, partial manuscripts, and complete manuscript submissions? Click here to learn more about literary agent turnaround times in my Get a Book Agent Guide.

* * *

Part 17: Get a Literary Agent

Literary Agent Feedback

Literary agencies rarely give authors feedback and, when they do, it’s frequently misinterpreted. And that can be fatal to the aspiring author. Click here to find out more about literary agent feedback in my Get a Book Agent Guide.

* * *

Click here to read the first article in this 17-part series and
discover The Getting a Literary Agent Process.

Learn about the getting a literary agent process

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