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Literary agents childrens books Literary agents for children’s books can be found below in our Directory of Agents, but first I want to make sure you’re describing your book accurately. That way you’ll have a much better chance of finding a literary agency that will represent you. So, scroll below to make sure you’re categorizing or classifying your book in the correct genre, before you send out any query letters to children’s writers literary agents.

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Literary Agents for Children’s Books – Categories

Finding the right children’s writers literary agents can be difficult. Read this section carefully before you create your list of literary agencies or contact literary agents for children’s books.

* Children’s Books - Literary Agents Children’s Books: This category is a broad umbrella term that represents all literature for “younger readers” (ages 2-17), including fiction and nonfiction such as picture books, poetry, chapter books, middle grade books, and young adult books. The term “children’s books” is often loosely used (or misused) by children’s writers literary agents. For example, an agent might say on her website that she wants “children’s books” when she’s only interested in picture books and chapter books (and not middle grade or young adult books).

Picture Books - Literary Agents Children’s Books: This type of  book is for children ages 2-9 and it contains a significant amount of artwork. The story may be told partially (or entirely) in pictures. Most picture books have 1,000 words or less. Children’s writers literary agents that represent authors of picture books often represent both writers and artists. Click here to find Picture Book Literary Agents.

Juvenile - Literary Agents Children’s Books: This is another broad umbrella term that includes two sub-genres or subcategories: chapter books and middle grade books. When children’s writers literary agents say that they represent juvenile books, it usually means they’re interested in both of the categories below.

Chapter Books - Literary Agents Children’s Books: These fiction and/or nonfiction books are for “intermediate readers,” usually ages 7-10, and they’re usually between 2-10,000 words. Although chapter books often contain many illustrations, they consist primarily of prose and they’re usually divided into short chapters.

Middle Grade - Literary Agents Children’s Books: This children’s book category is for readers ages 8-12, and the word count for a middle grade book is 20-40,000 words. Middle grade books can be fiction and/or nonfiction. Click here to find Middle Grade Literary Agents.

Young Adult - Literary Agents Children’s Books: This category of children’s book is for readers age 12-17. Young adult books can be fiction and/or nonfiction. They are 50-60,000 words. Children’s writers literary agents interested in young adult books represent many sub-genres such as: mystery, romance, adventure, career, success, etc. Click here to find Young Adult Literary Agents.

Still not sure which book genre your book fits into? Click here to visit our Book Genres website. There you’ll find information on every children’s book category you can imagine. You’ll see a definition for the genre, along with any related genres or sub-genres. You’ll also see a list of book genre examples for each category.

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Once you know which children’s book genre your book fits into, click here for free instant access to my Literary Agent Directory where you’ll find all active children’s literary agents. This directory is the most comprehensive (and accurate) directory of publishing agents in the world. It’s also the easiest to use, and it has information and features that you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, you’ll find all of the book agents there sorted by the categories listed above.

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